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Tips for Trainers: How to Spice Up a Boring Fitness Routine

September 7, 2016

When clients have worked with a trainer for a long period of time, it is easy to become bored with a workout or unmotivated to go to the gym altogether. Suggest these simple routine changes to your clients to help restore energy so they can conquer their fitness routines with a renewed excitement to reach their fitness goals:

Switch Up the Routine

Some clients respond well to simply switching the order of the fitness routine. If you find this strategy works for your client, then you have achieved your goal almost immediately. If your client still is not responding, try mixing in a few new exercises with the current routine in order to keep clients engaged while training different muscle groups.

Hold Group Classes or Partner Workouts

The root of a client’s boredom may be that he or she needs interaction with other people or some friendly competition. Try offering partner workout specials that allow your client to bring a friend or hold a group workout class.

When holding a group class, it is important to remember that some members may not be familiar with one another; make sure clients introduce themselves and interact with one another throughout the class. During these group classes, it’s also possible to hold contests in order to promote friendly competition among each member as well as help each individual user remain motivated to reach their fitness goals.

Create Workout Playlists

Music is a great way to mix up a workout without changing the workout itself. A few things to consider when creating a playlist for use during training:

  • Your client’s music taste: Find out your client’s specific likes and dislikes in music to customize their playlist to best fit their personality and consider tailoring a workout to these prefrences.
  • Consider BPM (beats per minute): High-intensity, high BPM songs are ideal for cardio, while slower songs are better for cool-downs or yoga.
  • Be respectful: Consider bringing portable speakers or loading the playlists on to a laptop. You do not want to be a distraction to other members by playing music too loud, but you also want your client to be able to hear instructions during the workout so wearing earbuds is not an option.

Move with Your Client

Beyond demonstrating proper form and technique, train with your client and complete the workout with them. Clients will feel more comfortable knowing that their trainer is completing the same workout while gaining the same interactive motivational experience when working out with a partner.