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Tips for Trainers: Weight Training Dos & Don’ts

May 2, 2016

If it is time for your client to go to the next level of their weight training, you need to make sure that they are exercising correctly. Here are several do’s and don’ts that you need to remember so your client is safe and gets the best workout possible:

Don’t Ignore Lowering Time

Make sure your clients are also focusing on lowering the weights in addition to lifting. Lowering weights slowly makes lifting weights slightly more challenging in addition to preventing clients from relying on gravity to help them do the rep. Lowering slowly increases the resistance that a client’s muscles have to fight against, making the workout more effective.

Do Slowly Increase Dumbbell Weight

When you are moving your client to heavier weights, make sure to do it slowly. Suddenly putting on a lot of weight can potentially injure your client. Instead, follow these basic guidelines to help determine how and when to increase weight. After you’ve increased the weight, recognize that they most likely won’t be able to do many repetitions since they’re unused to the weight.

Don’t Let Clients Cheat

When training a client who has moved on to heavier weights, it can be difficult for them to get in that final rep or two. To compensate, they may be tempted to cheat by implementing an alternate form that makes the rep easier for them. Don’t let them cheat, because:

  • They aren’t getting the best workout they can
  • They could possibly injure themselves because they didn’t maintain good form.

If you notice that your client is struggling with the last few reps, consider lowering the number of reps until they get used to the new weight.

Do Extend Recovery Times

Because your clients have moved up to more advanced weight training, they will need some more time to fully recover between sets, as their muscles will be working harder. Having your client wait for their body to recover will help muscles repair themselves, thus gaining muscle and strength.

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