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The Key To Adding Value To Your Fitness Equipment Purchase? Extra Workout Programs

October 3, 2018

When it comes to making premium fitness equipment, TRUE Fitness understands your club’s need for dependable and innovative equipment. As a club owner or manager, not only do you need to think about what pieces of equipment will fit best into your facility, but also what products will deliver the best results for your members.

Oftentimes, it’s the design of the machine that delivers results and the additional programming offered with the machine that makes the difference.

Think Like Your Members

The type and variety of equipment in your facility is a main deciding factor in why someone would choose to work out in your facility or become a member. In fact, one of the first things people notice when walking into the doors of your club is the equipment.

Put yourself in your members’ shoes and think about what equipment they would want in a fitness facility. Try this, but don’t neglect the other elements in the purchasing process like deciding on financing terms, optional upgrade packages, and extra exercise programs that may come with the purchase of the equipment.

Hire Personal Trainers & Familiarize Them With Your Equipment

Nowadays, most clubs have a team of personal trainers on staff to help members, host group classes, and even provide personalized workout sessions. It is also the personal trainer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the various types of fitness equipment available to members and ensure their workout programs on the equipment are effective for their clients.

An experienced trainer will study the overall design and function of the fitness equipment they will be using with their clients to make sure it’s right for them. Knowing how each machine in the gym trains the body helps a trainer determine where to put it in their clients’ fitness program.

At TRUE Fitness, we have a master trainer on staff to develop workout programs specific to our equipment as an added benefit to clubs and their personal training team. Randy Leopando, TRUE’s Training Education Manager, works alongside TRUE engineers to understand how the machines are designed and why.

Randy, who has an extensive background in the fitness industry as a trainer, then creates workout programs so clubs can maximize members’ time and help them deliver desired results.

Effective Programming Means A Better Workout & Happier Clients

Having a positive and engaging training program for your clients is important so they can leave the gym knowing the workout they just completed will make an impact on their short and long-term fitness goals.

It is very important to ensure members and trainers are comfortable doing certain workout programs and that it pairs well with the equipment in your gym. By being comfortable with the level of intensity and movements, it will help exercisers feel more connected to the piece of equipment they use during their workout.

Know Your Audience

Demographics are also a key factor in what programming would be most effective for your members. While it’s good to have variety in the types of group classes and personal training sessions you provide, it’s also important to know who your main clientele is and what equipment they would primarily be using.

For example, if the majority of your members and clients are between the ages of 45-65 (or older), you will want to make sure you have the equipment to address the various needs of this age group. Products like the TRUE Alpine Runner, Stretch, Spectrum, and any Functional Trainer are all great pieces and available with additional programming to help this demographic.

On the contrary, for membership or client populations who consist mainly of younger athletes and regular gym goers in general, you may need more robust equipment, floor space, and training accessories to accommodate their fitness goals.

Properly Train Staff For Your Client Demographics

Overall, your training staff should have the experience and credentials to work with this population too. Consider equipment like the TRUE Composite Strength line, Alpine Runner, Stretch, and XFW-8300 Half-Rack to fit these members’ needs.

In either case, the effective workout programs Leopando creates for TRUE Fitness equipment is a unique benefit that comes with the purchase of TRUE’s products. From group exercise classes to personal training sessions, the workouts he creates on each product can apply to all types of commercial fitness facilities.

Personal training has been an important part of the fitness industry for decades, partly due to the high-touch element clients enjoy, but it can be costly for individuals. Exercisers desire personalized workouts and one-on-one attention, but sometimes without the hefty price tag of a personal trainer.

When it comes down to the overall client experience, TRUE understands the need to have premium equipment in your gym paired with excellent workout programs so your members know they will enjoy their workout the moment they walk through your doors.

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