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Strategies To Keep Members Coming To The Gym In The Summer

June 12, 2018

Summer is an interesting season for the fitness industry. With the weather being nice outside, people tend to want to spend more time outside doing their workouts or just general outdoor activities. While summer usually boosts physical activity, as a gym owner or manager, even a personal trainer at a gym, it can mean less clients coming in the gym to workout. And more ways to think of how to entice members back during the summer.

Make It Fun

No one likes being indoors when the weather is nice outside, so be sure to entice members to keep coming to the gym by making what you have to offer fun. Do you offer group training classes? Start a spotlight and highlight class participants for attending every session, prizes are always a good idea! How about incentives? Offer current members the chance to bring a guest to use the gym for open use, a class or a personal training session and if they bring someone then they get something for free!

Other ways to keep the energy levels up inside is to be sure to keep a cool playlist of the top trending music on for users to listen to while they workout. Offer free water-filling stations that might include fresh fruit to change things up, or a snack bar with health food options that are refreshing.

Keep It Cool

Making sure your gym is cool – literally – is a huge part in making sure people want to come inside to workout. If the air conditioning works and gets low, you are immediately offering members and potential new customers an option to get out of the heat. Sweat is inevitable during a successful workout, but it’s nice to be able to pause and actually have a ”cool-down” session instead of still sweltering in the heat.

Additional ways to keep your facility cool is to offer equipment with plenty of workout and entertainment options. If someone comes into the gym looking for a way to exercise but for their workout to not get too intense, hopping on a treadmill and being able to watch their favorite TV show on Netflix or walk around a famous landmark will definitely make it more enjoyable.

Offer Pool Memberships

If your gym has a pool, offering a pool membership on a discount is an excellent way to get people invested in your gym during the summer. Not only is swimming a classic summer activity, but a great way for people to socialize and get in a great aerobic exercise.

When it comes to summer time and attracting clientele or keeping current members coming into the gym, be sure to remain understanding. Understand that summer is generally a busier time of year, outside of major holidays, for most people and schedules get filled up fast. Be sure your staff is trained and available to help guests as they need it. Follow these tips and you’ll have your clients (and hopefully new ones) back in the gym on a regular basis in no time!

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