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Space Requirements for Functional Strength Equipment

December 12, 2016

The fitness industry is experiencing a shift in the way clients complete their workouts. In weight rooms of fitness clubs across the country, clients are changing up regular routines and completing their strength workouts with functional equipment such as kettlebells, ropes, and other pieces of equipment that allow for a different, more dynamic motion than traditional strength equipment.

Make Room for Movement

Though these pieces of strength equipment take up less space in the gym than traditional weight stack machines in terms of storage, they often require more space between users while exercising. For example, battling ropes come in all sizes depending on the desired use and level of experience. As such, you could require up to 30 feet of space for safe exercising.

In giving enough space, clients remain safe while exercising and performing movements like:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Swings
  • Lifts

When considering storage space for the equipment when not in use, consider hanging pieces of equipment on the wall in order to maximize floor space. Many gyms also consider putting some of this equipment outdoors to exercise in the open space and fresh air, weather permitting.

Educate Staff on Space & Safety Requirements

To provide the best workout experience possible, staff should always be trained on the safety and functionality options of new fitness equipment. When the staff is trained properly before new exercise equipment is released on the floor, it can keep members safe while properly engaging the right muscles. As such, have staff take classes about the use of the equipment and their unique space requirements.

Offer Multiple Types of Strength Equipment

Studies have found that traditional and functional exercises work the body differently, though one is not necessarily better than the other if done correctly. Therefore, it is important for a gym to offer training variety to guests so they can utilize their preferred form of strength training and have plenty of space to do so.

To provide a merging of the two, TRUE Fitness offers a variety of functional trainers from both the Paramount Series and TRUE FORCE lines. Designed with both the gym and user in mind, these pieces maximize floor space while allowing dynamic movements for functional exercise.

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