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Be a Small Town Health Club with Big Ideas

November 9, 2016

Fitness centers in rural areas often run into challenges that clubs in more populated areas don’t normally see, like a limited population. Though these challenges may be different, there are benefits that small-town health clubs can take advantage of as well. Owners just have to know how to adjust gym amenities and standards to match the size of their target client base.  

Provide a Flexible & Unique Experience

Since the potential members in a rural small town population are limited, owners must give each member the experience they desire. As such, you should tailor your gym experience to each member. This strategy could mean:

Get Personal Trainers Involved in the Gym

In larger fitness centers, personal trainers sometimes leave or go to their office to devise more fitness plans after they are done training clients. In your small town fitness center, personal trainers will do more than train. They will walk around and help customers on a daily basis with whatever they need, be it signing up or workout questions. When members first sign up, your personal trainers will give an initial workout plan, but then change the workout on a rolling, day-to-day basis.

Also, when your trainers are not with clients, they are cleaning and walking around to make sure that the fitness center is in proper order and members are being taken care of. That way, your personal trainers can get to know members better and take personal pride in the gym.

Don’t Forget About Clients with Specific Health Needs

You are dependent on gym members to keep your fitness center open. Rather, you should not forget about your clients as people who have unique needs, such as seniors or people with physical disabilities. Provide rural members with an experience that invests in their health and wellbeing so they feel that you care about each of them personally. In doing so, your fitness center will create a reputation as one that cares.

Get Involved in the Community

Providing services to the community outside of your fitness center is essential in signing up new members and keeping current ones loyal. Become active in your community through:

Use your expert-level fitness knowledge for the benefit of your small town. As a result, your local fitness center can become a thriving space of camaraderie, self-improvement and community.

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