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Running style: Fitness experts have differing opinions

June 3, 2014

Running, especially on commercial treadmills, is one of the most popular options for a cardiovascular workout. It can be a moderate to high intensity exercise, depending on your speed and incline, and it offers a great way to get stronger, improve endurance and drop unwanted pounds. Spending time pounding the belt of commercial fitness equipment offers a stellar method of achieving goals, especially for those who sign up to run races. A training schedule ensures that you’ll stick to your program, and crossing that finish line can seriously boost confidence levels. Even if you’re just running because it’s your favorite way to work out, it’s still important to employ proper form to avoid issues and injuries. Several fitness experts were asked about what they believe is the best technique for running, and they all had differing opinions. However, they did agree on one thing: A soft landing is important. Expert opinions on varying running styles Dr. Nicholas Romanov is a sports scientist based in Miami as well as a two-time Olympic coach and the Pose Method creator. This style of running involves precise, clean movements, which involves a forward body tilt, frequent steps and a forefoot landing. The technique uses gravity to move the body forward. Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Dr. Heather Vincent supports the Pose Method’s forward lean, lifted knees and quick foot turnover, but doesn’t agree with the “one size fits all” approach. “We try to encourage control, strength. I’m not sure you can fit a running style to all bodies,” Vincent told Reuters. She added that most runners should shorten their steps and run at 180 steps per minute. Lastly, Tom Holland is a running coach based on Connecticut and believes that a runner’s body understands what it needs to run well. “Bodies are smart machines that go to the path of least resistance,” Holland, author of, “The Marathon Method,” told the source. He added that most injuries occur from doing too much too quickly rather than heel striking. Regardless of what method you feel is best, it’s always important to keep good posture, wear properly fitted running shoes and breathe correctly when running in order to get the best workout and stay safe. Next time you hop on a treadmill, try out these different running techniques to see which one works best for you. Maybe you’ll discover a new way to move faster or more efficiently. True Fitness products allow for soft landings Luckily, running on True Fitness home treadmills allows you to experience the soft landing with its patented Soft System™. This system is designed to absorb the shock of impact and allows for the most orthopedically correct running surface, which is easy on knees and ankles and provides a low-impact running or walking experience.