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Putting Your Members First: 3 Ways to Add Value To Their Gym Experience

September 14, 2018

Nowadays gyms have amenities like smoothie and snack bars, a coffee cart, massage chairs, spa services (think steam rooms and saunas) and maybe even a small store to buy energy drinks, protein bars and other items you may need at the gym. All of these extra features sound pleasing, especially to members, but as a club owner, they may not be financially feasible nor fit with your member demographic.

People usually come to the gym, do their work out and go home to recover. But what if you provided them with a reason to stay longer at the gym and really maximize on that membership fee they are paying?

Instead of overloading your gym with extra options to impress your members, consider providing services that will show them you truly care about their workout experience.

Here are three wellness-based services that your facility should consider offering for members to show that their post-workout recovery and overall well-being should be top priority:

Add A Designated Stretch Area With The Right Equipment

Depending on how big or small your gym is and how other equipment is laid out, leaving an open area for members to retreat to pre or post workout can be a big hit. Think of this open space as a functional area for functional exercises like stretching. Invest in a TRUE Stretch to put on the outskirts of the designated rest area and other accessories like foam rollers, exercise balls, yoga mats and more.

If you have the space or an open classroom in your facility, consider starting up a few yoga or mobility classes too!

Equip Your Fitness Equipment With The Right Console

The right equipment can make or break a workout experience – cardio equipment is a great example. Cardio pieces like ellipticals, treadmills and bikes all operate with a console, the screen that shows you how the workout is going. Be sure to choose a good cardio console option to fit the needs of your members.

Consoles on equipment can come loaded with options like quick-start buttons, internet connection and more. When it comes to overall wellness, sometimes a slow walk or jog can really help an exerciser and what better way to do low intensity steady state cardio than while watching your favorite TV show or catching up on the news?

Create A Lounge Area

Space is another big factor adding value to your gym’s experience. If you have it, use it! You won’t even need much extra space to make members feel special! Outfit your gym with a few comfy chairs with extra cushioning or some couches. Consider even throwing in some high-top tables and chairs. For gym-goers that like to hang out pre or post workout these items can be very relaxing for them! Plus, making it available to use whenever makes it great if they need to get in the zone, wait for a workout buddy or catch up on emails before heading to the equipment.

All of these options are pretty inexpensive and won’t cause much of an operational headache as gym owner or manager. By providing members with some of these options it can truly be the difference between added value and expense for them – even encourage members to keep their membership! Adding extra services can also help draw in new clients.

No matter someone’s fitness level, members cannot train hard-care all of the time, even the most intense of athletes or gym enthusiasts need time off too. Despite any stereotypes of people who are regularly at the gym, these individuals crave rest days as well but these extra wellness options can now make the gym truly be their “retreat” or “safe haven”.

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