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Senior golfer placing his golf club bag onto a cart

How Proper Stretching for Golf Can Improve Your Game

April 26, 2013

Although the game of golf requires a great deal of mental agility, flexibility and athleticism are equally important components of success. Whether you’re Adam Scott or the girl next door, proper stretching is the key to taking your golf game to the next level, and nothing helps increase the power of your swing and reduce your risk of injury like the TRUE Stretch Golf. Developed with help from golf expert Randy Myers, the TRUE Stretch Golf was scientifically designed to increase rotational flexibility by working for the muscle groups on all three planes of motion used in the game of golf.

Proper Stretching for Golf

Players who use the TRUE Stretch Golf before tee time add distance to their games, improve their ranges of motion, and reduce the likelihood that they’ll lose time on the green due to stress injuries in their lower backs, elbows, wrists, and shoulders. Although the TRUE Stretch Golf comes with a sampling of movements that will help improve golfers’ games, to get an idea of the types of movement that can lower your score on the course, we’ve provided a few examples:

Supported squats

The TRUE Stretch Golf is ideally designed to help you stretch your thighs and hamstrings through supported squats. Hold on to the apparatus with your arms above you, then slowly squat until your thighs are nearly parallel to the ground. Stand up, and repeat 10 times. For a more advanced movement, try placing your foot on the opposite knee and repeating the same squatting motion.

Lateral side stretches

This stretching motion is designed to loosen up your back and arms to improve your range of motion when you swing. Stand up straight in the center of the TRUE Stretch Golf with your knees bent slightly and your legs approximately shoulder-width apart. Place one hand on your hip and reach the other high above your head. Bend to the side and reach your arm as far as it can go – arching directly over your head. Repeat in the other direction.

Chest stretch

Face the side of the TRUE Stretch Golf and hold on to the bar at shoulder height, standing approximately an arm’s length away. Gently turn your body to the left, stretching your chest and shoulder for six seconds, then repeat on the right side. Be sure to keep your breathing even as you do so.