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Politicians and Fitness: Why Government Buildings Need a Gym

November 25, 2015

Politicians and government officials are often extremely busy. Nevertheless, government buildings should contain a fitness center available for politicians to use during their down time. Politics is all about strategy, and fitness plays into the overall goals that politicians wish to achieve. Take a look below at why your government building should always have a fitness center available for use:

Look Your Best

In politics, you are constantly in front of others and asking for their votes. So, you want to make sure you look your absolute best and healthiest at all times. Candidates who look healthier will often get more votes than those who do not. Not only is it a reflection of your fitness, but that you take care of yourself and are healthy which shows voters how you will take care of them as well.

Practice What You Preach

Politicians often voice that fitness and health go hand in hand and that it is important for civilians to make fitness a priority. Nothing can be more difficult to convince the population of if you yourself are not practicing what you are preaching. If you are going to convince others that fitness and health is important, you need to make sure you show them by taking your own fitness and health seriously. By making fitness centers available in government buildings, you are giving politicians the resource to make this happen.

Show Concern for the Greater Good

Physical fitness and health of the community are a huge concern for those politicians leading them. It plays into important items such as health care and obesity. One of the best ways to improve the health of the community is to encourage regular exercise in order to get obesity under control and lower the chance of illness.

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