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Must-Have Strength Equipment You Need at Health Clubs

Must-Have Strength Equipment You Need at Health Clubs

February 29, 2024

Strength equipment serves as the cornerstone for members of every health club who seek to build muscle, enhance their overall fitness, and improve their quality of life. With the right strength equipment, you can attract a diverse membership base, satisfy their fitness needs, and make your health club a beneficial fitness resource. Here are some must-have strength equipment that every health club needs to enhance their members’ workout experiences.

Cable Machines: Flexibility and Resistance

Cable machines are a fantastic addition to any strength training program, offering a level of dynamic resistance that is hard to achieve with traditional free weights. The adjustable cable height and interchangeable attachments mean that a single machine can serve numerous functions, from leg abductions to tricep pushdowns.

Plate-Loaded Equipment: For the Heavy Lifters

Advanced exercisers often prefer plate-loaded machines, which combine the mechanics of isolated strength exercises with the user-controlled aspects of free weight training. They are excellent for experienced members focusing on muscle mass and strength gains, providing the potential to expand their weight limits and engage stabilizer muscles.

Functional Trainers: Versatile and Space-Efficient

Functional trainers are an all-in-one station that enables a myriad of exercises, from resistance training to sport-specific movements. A basic functional trainer typically includes a chin bar and different cable options. They are especially valuable in health clubs where space is at a premium and they don’t want to sacrifice functionality.

Selectorized Strength Machines: The Power of Personalized Workouts

Selectorized equipment is an indispensable part of any modern health club, allowing users to perform a wide range of exercises at different levels by simply adjusting a pin to the desired weight. These machines are beginner-friendly and essential for those new to weight-lifting, offering equipment personalization and guided movement patterns for safe, effective workouts.

At TRUE, we offer diverse collections of commercial selectorized fitness equipment, giving your health club a machine fit for every type of strength workout. Our SPL-0100 Seated Leg Extension can help your members work on leg strengthening. The FUSE-1500 Tricep Pushdown offers an isolated strength training workout focused on the triceps. Certain commercial selectorized fitness equipment also comes with TRUE’s Height Adjustment Guide—a tailored way to select the perfect seat adjustment based on your height. Once you determine your seat number, it’s the same across the entire Palladium Selectorized line.

Each piece of equipment is pivotal in your members’ strength training journey. Your members can enjoy all-encompassing strength training that will improve their health and fitness in myriad ways with these must-have strength equipment that every health club needs. Contact a TRUE representative today to find the best machines for your club!