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Motivational tools for your morning workout

September 15, 2014

Busy days at the office and running errands leave little time for a workout, which is why many people choose to break a sweat in the morning. However, it’s much easier to press the snooze button and tell yourself that you’ll work out some other time. Here’s how to motivate yourself to get to the gym and start your day off right on commercial fitness equipment: Get ready the night before Make getting ready in the morning as easy as possible by setting out your clothes the night before. You can also fill up your water bottle and have it ready to go in the fridge. This way, all you’ll have to do is change, grab your water bottle and head out the door. Have a quick breakfast prepared as well, like a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter or an egg white omelet. Move your alarm clock One of the hardest parts about working out in the morning is physically getting yourself out of your cozy bed. Try this trick: Put your smartphone or your alarm clock on the other side of the room. When it goes off in the morning, you’ll be forced to get out of bed to turn it off. Make your alarm an annoying sound, and we’re willing to bet you’ll jump out of bed even faster. Pull back the shades Let the light stream into your room in the morning to help energize you before a workout. You can even leave your shades pulled up when you go to sleep so the sun’s rays naturally wake you in the morning. Grab a workout buddy Find someone who’s willing to workout with you in the early morning. When you have someone depending on you, you’re held accountable for working out and will be less likely to blow it off.