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Gym instructor and a woman exercising at the gym.

Intro to Health Club Marketing Techniques

June 10, 2013

If you’re new to the world of marketing, it can be very overwhelming at first. We want to easy you into the world of marketing by talking about a few health club marketing techniques to get you started.

Effective marketing is a key component of drawing prospective members to health clubs and fitness facilities, and can differentiate gyms from their competitors. Aside from attracting new members with the best commercial workout equipment, fitness facility owners are beginning to embrace a marketing trend that turns their personal trainers into brands that get people interested in working out and excited to come to the gym. The proliferation of the Internet and the rise of social media are helping the fitness industry become particularly adept at promoting personal brands and getting people motivated to work out.

“In fitness, you’re trying to get people to adhere to a program,” Jonathan Goodman, a personal trainer, told Forbes. “It’s often getting them to want to do something they haven’t always wanted to do. Social media is similar, and it relies on the same psychological components of motivation.”

The rise in popularity of personal trainers also presents a unique opportunity for fitness facilities to market individual employees in addition to promoting the gym as a whole. For example, trainers who have a strong presence on social media are able to tap into the emotions of gym members and generate devoted followings. This, in turn, can bring more people into the fitness club to use your commercial workout equipment.

Whether they use Facebook, Twitter, or have a personal blog on the fitness facility’s website, personal trainers can share motivation tips, talk about new commercial fitness equipment, or share bits of their favorite workouts – whatever starts a conversation with gym members. Brand association can be powerful, and fitness facilities that are able to effectively market the experts they employ using social media can do a great deal to further their membership.