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Looking Back: Military Fitness Then & Now

November 11, 2015

Military fitness has changed drastically since WWII. Since then, there have been many technological advances in both military tactics and fitness equipment that requires new ways to stay fit. As a result, the way our military keeps fit today is completely different from 70 years ago. Take a look at what has changed in the way our military keeps fit between WWII and today.

Using Advanced Technology for Training & Monitoring

Technology in fitness equipment has significantly improved since the 40s, which allow military personnel to rely more on fitness equipment to replicate a good workout, rather than more traditional methods used in the 40s. Since technology has also improved on the battlefield, military personnel are now required to prepare in a much different manner for ships, planes, and jets is much different today than it was in the 40s due to increased and improved technology. Militants today must train to physically prepare their bodies to endure the strenuous conditions provided by these situations as well, which requires much different preparation. Utilizing simulators, monitoring vitals and statistics, and continuing practice of these exercises will prepare the militants for these conditions, while in the 40s ground training would have sufficed.

Changes in the Obesity Rate Means More Strenuous Workouts

Another factor that contributes to the difference in fitness today is today’s obesity rate. During the 40s and 50s, obesity among the American population was as much as a concern to the country as it is today, though the numbers reported were significantly lower. Today, with obesity on the rise, it’s imperative to increase military fitness regimens in order to compensate and improve their overall physical fitness to prepare them for the military environment. Taking advantage of better technology within fitness equipment is extremely helpful in this area, along with monitoring vitals and other factors that contribute to the individual’s overall physical fitness.

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