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Health club interior design ideas - Image of modern empty dance studio in health club

Health Club Interior Design Ideas: Lighting & Color for Increased Productivity

May 22, 2013

Health Club Interior Design Ideas – Lighting & Color

Trying to come up with health club interior design ideas on your own can be challenging, especially when you have limited options in terms of space and budget. Luckily there are some easy and cost-affordable ways to spruce up your space! Two of those are making sure there’s proper lighting and choosing the right color.

The Importance of Lighting & Color

Many overlook the importance of interior design when it comes to their gym or facility. Sometimes a great workout plan and a motivational quote posted on the wall aren’t enough. We’re here to give you health club interior design ideas.

Even the best commercial fitness equipment in the industry isn’t the only thing that will keep members coming back to the gym time and again – color and lighting may have something to do with it too. From fitness classes to regular workout routines, experts agree: The right lighting and wall color can have a tremendous effect on the quality of a person’s workout.

Choosing the Right Colors

According to Reuters, yellow or orange lighting is best suited to high-energy workouts, so it’s perfect for areas of the health club where members are pounding out a few miles as they train for their next half marathon on TRUE Fitness commercial treadmills. Cardio exercise is also augmented by bright colors – just a splash of red paint can increase heart rate, while orange can invite feelings of cheerfulness and enthusiasm, according to Livestrong.

Natural Light is Important

Natural light can also play a huge factor. Studies have shown that daylight increases alertness, and members will be more prone to hit the gym during the summer if they can get the feeling of being outside while still having access to the best commercial workout equipment. As for fitness classes more focused on relaxation, such as yoga, the lighting should be softer and more soothing. Light with a hint of blue can also improve concentration during a long yoga class. The light in these rooms should also be complemented with calming paint colors that reflect shades commonly found in nature, such as green which’s the color of grass, or a blue that’s tinted to look like the ocean or a lake. Using these methods of lighting and color can help health club owners create a more welcoming space for members to come and achieve their fitness goals.

Combined with the right commercial fitness equipment, these simple tweaks will get fitness enthusiasts excited about coming to the gym regularly.