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Keep Connected: Gym Trakr

November 18, 2019

Members join a gym for a plethora of reasons – training for an upcoming race, health improvement, toning up, or socializing. While members each join for their own specific reason, they share one common thread – the desire to track their fitness progress. 

TRUE Fitness has a range of technology partners to keep your members connected. Today, we are exploring the GymTrakr app, which allows members to track all of their cardio workouts. 

Gym Trakr App

The GymTrakr app allows users to wirelessly connect to TRUE’s Bluetooth compatible fitness equipment. With the GymTrakr app, members can track heart rate, calorie burn, and workout dating from running and cardio workouts. 

GymTrakr allows users to wirelessly connect to compatible TRUE fitness equipment thanks to special hardware integrated in the consoles. During a workout, GymTrakr displays live workout stats. Users can customize which workout stats are displayed and are tailored to each category of equipment. GymTrakr stores each workout in your workout history. Sharing functionality allows you to share the workout as a standard .FIT file to other 3rd party Apps and services.

Gym Trakr Connection 

Gym Trakr is compatible with all TRUE commercial cardio equipment with an Envision and Envision with COMPASS® consoles, in addition to the Envision 9 Touchscreen console. This includes TRUE treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and climbers.    

To connect to the app, members simply open the GymTrakr app and choose the TRUE Fitness cardio equipment piece of your choice on the menu! GymTrakr also offers Apple Watch integration, and the ability to share workouts to other devices and apps such as Apple Watch, Nike +, Strava, and My FitnessPal.

Ready to track your TRUE workouts? Download the GymTrakr app, or explore our other commercial connectivity options available