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Start 2017 Off Strong: Introducing the FUSE XL Line from TRUE Fitness

January 6, 2017

The all-new FUSE XL Paramount Series line of strength equipment merges the best of the Paramount legacy with the durability TRUE is known for. Designed to enhance any multi-family complex, hospitality facility, personal training studio or gym, the FUSE XL strength system will help all users start 2017 on the right foot, stronger than ever.

User-Friendly Amenities for a Better Workout

All FUSE XL products feature these convenient amenities making the FUSE XL friendly for all users:

  • 4 bar linkage seat adjustments with gas cylinder assist
  • QR code linked to online instructional videos
  • Full color step-by step exercise charts
  • Unique height adjustment guides
  • An accessory tray with integrated cup and towel holders

With ease of use, your guests will appreciate the simplicity and convenience FUSE XL strength equipment offers.

Designed with Functionality in Mind

Designed with value and quality engineering in mind, the FUSE XL line is TRUE’s first singular-functioning strength station. The space-efficient design has easy entry and exit points for users, giving equipment a low profile and allowing the FUSE XL equipment to blend easily with other pieces already installed.

The FUSE XL Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Lateral Pulldown and Seated Row machines feature unilateral converging and diverging movement. This design allows users to gain a more efficient workout by activating more muscles through full articulation of the shoulder and elbow joints.

The full strength line also features fully enclosed and accessible weight stacks from a seated position with a choice of 10lb (4.5kg) or (6.8kg) 15lb increments and an optional integrated increment weight system the allows the user to adjust resistance in either 5lbs (2.3kg) or 7.5lbs (3.4kg) with a simple flip of a lever. If you are looking a dual-functioning system, check out our TRUE FORCE strength line.

Quality Construction Built to Last

True to the TRUE name, the FUSE XL line features premium parts and rugged construction meant to stand heavy use in any environment. To ensure the longevity and quality of FUSE XL:

  • Military spec lubricated cables
  • Solid steel pivot axles with lifetime lubricated sealed bearings for friction free movement
  • High grade frame bolts and zinc plated hardware to prevent corrosion

In addition, the new strength line is backed by 35 years in the industry under the TRUE name completed with:

  • Structural testing of 500,000 cycles at or above maximum catalog weight
  • Meeting ASTM and EN-957 Industry Standards
  • Support from a worldwide network of authorized Sales and Service Representatives.

The TRUE FUSE XL is now available for ordering, with 12 pieces currently available and 4 more in the works.

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