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Introducing The New C900 & C650 Treadmills from TRUE Fitness

June 22, 2017

TRUE Fitness has been the proud manufacturer of treadmills for over 35 years. Almost four years ago the Commercial Series featuring the 900 and 650 series treadmills were released. Recently, TRUE made some significant updates to these treadmills with a new, sleeker look and enhanced features.  

C900 Treadmill: A High-End Staple For Any Facility

TRUE’s C900 Treadmill is built to provide a high-end experience for users as a staple piece in gyms and commercial facilities. The sleek and slender frame provides both aesthetic appeal and a small footprint, all while maintaining the title of “largest running surface in the industry.” This means more floor space for commercial fitness equipment without compromising durability. Multiple console options provide customizable features, technology, and new asset management capabilities for both enhanced user engagement and facility usage tracking.

Each treadmill is equipped with TRUE’s low-impact Soft System® built to maximize user comfort and HRC Heart Rate Control® for heart rate stability. These key standard features are helpful in reducing joint pain and monitoring heart rate, especially when sprinting or speed training, given the speed range of 0.5 – 17 MPH (5 MPH faster than the original CS900).

The C900 Treadmill’s 7-inch step-up height makes it more accessible to all users, including the elderly and those rehabbing an injury. Also incorporated for enhanced user safety is the now non-removable clip-on that is standard on all TRUE treadmills.

New features added to the 900 treadmills include power cord management and optional medical handrails. The 900 also includes a new optional Decline Feet Kit that allows for a wider incline range from a 3% decline to an 18% incline.

C650 Treadmill: Reliable & Beautiful

The new C650 Treadmill is equipped with the latest technologies and reliable warranties. Featuring TRUE staple features like HRC Heart Rate Control® users can exercise with a workout centered on maintaining the heart rate at a targeted level. A slender frame gives each treadmill an extremely sleek look – an appealing quality for club owners to draw in users without compromising durability or the life of the treadmill. The C650 Treadmill is also equipped with TRUE’s low-impact Soft System®, a standard quality on all TRUE treadmills.

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Like other pieces of the Commercial Series, a variety of console options provides customizable options, various user entertainment connections, and new technology and asset management capabilities for facility management and usage tracking. An optional Decline Feet Kit creates a larger range of incline. With the Decline Feet Kit, the incline ranges from a 3% decline (-3%) to 15% incline and also allows the user to run faster at 15.0 MPH instead of the set 12.0 MPH.

In addition to the Decline Feet Kit, other new accessories have been added as well like power cord management and optional medical handrails – perfect for medical facilities or clubs catering to senior citizens. The C650 Treadmill exceeds efficiency and performance demands of gyms and commercial facilities to provide an experience of the highest quality.

Both the C900 and C650 Treadmills are available now for ordering.

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