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Incorporating Personal Fitness into Your Corporate Wellness Program

July 20, 2016

Need a new strategy to incorporate into your corporate wellness program? Personal fitness is designed to create a personalized fitness program for each employee. Employees will be personally engaged in the program with a coach helping them develop goals and fitness plans.

Personalized Fitness for Employees

No two employees have the same health and fitness needs. For example, employees who are obese or seniors often have different fitness requirements than those employees who are younger or have a healthy weight. A personal fitness coach will work with each employee to craft a fitness plan that will work for them based on their personal needs and preferences:

Improved Support & Education

With a personal fitness coach, employees have a reliable source for all things personal fitness and will be taught how to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Employees will also have a dedicated support system to help them through their fitness plan—especially if they’re feeling discouraged or don’t want to work at it—and discuss any questions and concerns they may have with their coach.

Can You Afford a Coach?

Before you hire a personal fitness coach for your corporate wellness program, run your budget to make sure that you can actually afford one. You don’t want to make the mistake of hiring one only to find that you cannot afford them for long and must let them go.

Finding the Right Personal Fitness Coach

Not all coaches are created equal. Finding a personal fitness coach that works best for your company ensures that they have the credentials you’re looking for and work well in your company environment.

Do They Have the Credentials?

A personal fitness coach needs to be trained and meet the educational requirements and not only have an intimate knowledge of personal health and fitness, but business. That way, you know that they will have an understanding of your business and will be able to work well in the corporate environment.

Do They Work Well in Your Company Environment?

When interviewing a potential fitness coach, make sure that they will work well in your company environment. For example, if they cannot easily bond with your employees and don’t have the best social skills, it would be wise to move on to a candidate that does complement your company.

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