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How to save time at the gym

October 23, 2014

Everyone’s always trying to figure out new ways to save time, whether they’re at the grocery store, office or gym. Sometimes having a tight schedule prevents you from getting that cardio workout at the gym, but it shouldn’t have to. Here are a few simple ways to save time on your workouts so you can get in your exercise and still have time to dedicate to the other items on your to-do list: Have a plan Whether you have a plan in your head or you’ve written it down on paper, having a solid idea of your fitness agenda can help you get out of the gym faster. Maybe you’ll hit the commercial ellipticals first, then move to the weights and finish with stretching. Whatever your plan is, scheduling your gym time can save you precious minutes that would otherwise be spent wandering around trying to figure out what to do next. Consider planning your workout based on the layout of your gym. This will allow you to quickly move from machine to machine instead of walking back and forth across the gym to get to the machine you’re looking for. Carry a water bottle Having a water bottle by your side at the gym will prevent you from having to walk back and forth to the drinking fountain multiple times. This strategy is especially helpful if the drinking fountain is all the way across the entire gym. Plus, having a water bottle with you will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the duration of your workout. Avoid peak hours There are times when the gym is especially crowded, like right in the morning or after rush hour because people are trying to get in their workouts before and after work. Instead, try to schedule your gym visits during non-peak hours, like during your lunch hour. This way, you can spend more time working out rather than waiting for machines and cardio equipment to become available. Work multiple muscles at once There are certain exercises you can do that will train different muscle groups at one time. For instance, you can do squats with dumbbells in each hand to work your arms while you strengthen your quads. You can even complete an overhead raise with the weights while you’re in your squat to give your workout an elevated intensity level.