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How to Keep Your Staff Up to Date on New Fitness Tactics

June 3, 2015

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and tactics emerging to get the best results. In order to provide your fitness club members with the best experience possible, you must ensure that your fitness employees are up-to-date on the latest trends and tactics. Here are some great tips on how to train your fitness employees who have limited experience in their field: 1) Require Employees to Take Fitness Classes They Teach 2) Teach Employees Proper Techniques and Have Them Demonstrate 3) Conduct Your Research from Reliable Sources

Require Employees to Take Fitness Classes

Asking your fitness employees to participate in the classes they will be teaching is a great way for them to understand what works and what doesn’t when trying to lead the class. Ask them to talk to others in the class to see what parts they liked and disliked as well. They can bring this knowledge back to your fitness center in order to accommodate your members better.

Teach Employees Proper Techniques & Have Them Demonstrate Understanding

Making sure your employees know how to execute the proper techniques for exercises is crucial, especially when it comes to using fitness equipment. Members will look to your employees for professional assistance, and employees need to make sure members are exercising safely by using proper techniques. Explain and demonstrate to your employees the proper ways to complete each exercise and ask them to demonstrate their understanding before allowing them to assist customers.

Conduct Your Research From Reliable Sources

Last but certainly not least, do your research! In order to keep up with the evolving trends, you must find out what is the latest and most popular. This research can include professional studies and articles in your field. More casual research can also come from basic communication. Talk with your members and ask them what they would like to see at your fitness center. Host training sessions to get your employees up-to-speed and being implementing the exercises into your club.

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