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How to Keep New Members Long After Their Resolutions Are Over

January 4, 2016

It seems almost effortless to attract new members to your fitness center during the New Year. Everyone has established their New Year resolution fitness goals and your gym is front and center on helping them achieve those goals. But once they’ve reached their fitness goals or lost their motivation, keeping members coming back to your gym can be difficult. Here’s how you can keep members coming back to your fitness center long after their resolutions have passed.

Offer After-Holiday Sales & Other Incentives

After the holidays are over and the pressure of achieving their resolutions has dwindled, offer after-holiday sales and other incentives to your gym’s members like:

  • Discounted memberships
  • Free trials
  • Coupons
  • Free training sessions

These incentives can also be used to encourage current members to refer their friends to your gym to help them reach their fitness goals. Just make sure that these incentives are also offered to new members during this time so they don’t feel excluded.

Begin a Rewards Program

To keep your members renewing their memberships at your fitness center, begin a rewards program. For each month your member retains their membership, stamp their punch card. When they reach a certain amount of stamps, award them with a prize like discounts or a gift. It will not only help you secure memberships but also motivate your members to continue coming to your facility.

Add New Equipment or Classes

To keep your members interested in your fitness center, add a new piece of equipment when possible. Members who regularly attend your gym will get tired of seeing and using the same old equipment every single day. Adding a new piece that is up-to-date and more technologically advanced will definitely keep them interested in your gym’s offerings. If your budget won’t allow for newly purchased equipment, switch things up by adding a new fitness class, such as yoga or kickboxing. To find out if you should keep the classes as a permanent part of your gym’s options, offer them for a limited time so you may see how members react and how successful they are.

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