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Tips for Increasing Word of Mouth for Your Gym

May 3, 2013

When it comes to attracting new members to your health club, sometimes it’s your most loyal customers who are the best brand ambassadors. Why spend tons of money on expensive marketing campaigns when fans of your gym will do it for you for free? Here are a few simple tips for increasing word of mouth for your gym:

3 Quick Tips for Increasing Word of Mouth for Your Gym

1) Buy the High-Quality Equipment

Buying high-quality commercial workout equipment is best way to get your members excited about going to the gym – and willing to talk it up to their friends. Having the best commercial fitness equipment on the market will show customers the value they are getting and will make them excited to let their friends in on their hidden gem.

With their intuitive custom programming and controls, not to mention extreme durability, TRUE Fitness treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes will help your clients get results. What’s a better advertisement for your gym than happy, healthy members?

2) Target Your Top, Dedicated Members

Take a look through your records and identify the members who spend the most money in your health club each month. If they have enough disposable income to be the top-spenders at your gym, you can bet they know a few other people who can afford it as well. Make sure that your staff gives these members extra time and attention so they simply can’t wait to tell their friends about their amazing fitness club.

3) Offer Additional Amenities

One of the best ideas on how to increase word of mouth for your gym is to show customers that they are getting their bang for their buck. With the right amenities, your members will rave about the value of your gym. Popular amenities include massages, saunas, and tanning beds. Make sure to have personal trainers on hand, a wide variety of group exercise classes and perhaps even a registered dietician.

With the use of these 3 tactics, you’ll be able to create an unbelievable experience for your members and get them excited to bring others to the gym.