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How Does FUSE XL Fit Within the Modern Gym Setting?

January 30, 2017

In today’s gym setting many clubs seem to be leaning toward “functional” training in hopes of catching a potential members’ eye by marketing this trendy form of training. However, there is still a large demand for equipment lines such as the FUSE XL strength line. Why is this demand still there with the beaming “functional” training market?

Functional Training & Everyday Life

First, let’s discuss what functional training is: exercise that mimics movements found in everyday life. It’s simple as that. So what are some of these movements and how do they relate?

  • Squats relate to getting off the couch or out of your car.
  • Deadlifts relate to picking anything up off the floor.
  • Overhead Presses relate to grabbing something from overhead or as simple as putting dishes away.

User-Friendly Amenities for All Levels of Fitness

Now that we know what functional training is, let’s discuss why strength lines like the FUSE XL are still so popular and important to have in a gym setting. Because the FUSE XL line has simple instructions and height adjustment guides on each placard, these instructions for use on these machines are very easy to understand.

Therefore, they appeal to a wider variety of gym-goers at each fitness level. With these height guides, simple visual instructions, and video instructions that can be found by scanning the QR code, more people who are starting their fitness journey will feel more knowledgeable and comfortable about using the equipment, lowering fears about injury or public embarrassment.

Lowering Risk of Injury

This line is also very safe for those members who are just starting their fitness journey. For instance, a novice member can sit down and perform exercises with very little risk of injury, whereas, if you simply told the client to deadlift with no coaching, we would all agree the chances of injury are higher. Also, by training on a machine such as the FUSE-0300 Leg Press, the strength development on a machine will eventually help carry over to a functional movement like the squat.

A Workout for the Whole Body

Lastly, because the FUSE XL line has a machine for each muscle group, a trainee will run no risk of leaving a body part untrained. Essentially, they don’t have to think too much about programming their workouts. Advise novice trainees to come in just 3 times a week do the same total body workout on the 16-piece system and see results for a good amount of time.
All in all, the FUSE XL line is great to have in the gym setting because it can help the novice to intermediate trainee get a safe and effective, total body workout.

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