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Help Guests Sleep at Your Resort with These Tips

August 10, 2016

Guest rooms in your resort are meant to be safe, comfortable havens for guests as they end their day of meetings or sightseeing. A good room that promotes sleep allows guests to start each day with energy and helps keep them healthy. If they cannot sleep, their satisfaction of your resort can drop, leading them to find a resort that promotes better sleep. Here’s what your resort can do to improve customer satisfaction and help your guests get a good night’s rest:

Put Up Blackout Window Treatments

It’s no secret that some resort rooms aren’t the best when it comes to room darkening. Bright, artificial lights from the outside can leak in through flimsy curtains. To remedy this, add blackout curtains to the room. According to The Sleep Foundation, keeping a room dark at bedtime helps the body produce melatonin, which helps people get to sleep at night. By putting blackout curtains in guest rooms, guests will appreciate sleeping in a comfortably dark room.

Include White Noise Machines

White noise machines are another great option to help guests get to sleep at night. White noise helps block out other external sounds like people talking or a door shutting. Keeping these machines with instructions on how to use will give guests the option of using them. If a machine breaks, be sure to replace it as soon as possible.

Provide Guests with Nighttime Workouts

If your resort provides guests with a complimentary fitness bag, include easy exercise instructions like yoga that guests can do in their room before bed. You may even consider teaching a sunset yoga class. These exercises should help guests stretch out and relax as they get ready for bed. Promoting exercise will help guests sleep better and wake up refreshed. Consider keeping your fitness center open 24 hours a day in case your guests are suffering from jet lag.

Decorate Rooms with Relaxing Colors

Are the rooms in your resort bright and energizing? While that may be good for guests in the morning, it can wreak havoc on their ability to sleep at night. Calming colors like blues and neutrals in the bedrooms help guests relax, making it easier to fall asleep.

Install Adjustable Lighting

Bright lights are good for reading, but not so good for guests who are trying to get to sleep. Installing adjustable lighting in resort rooms lets guests personalize the brightness of the room. Adjustable lighting is especially important in the bathroom—switching on bright lighting in the middle of the night not only hurts guests’ eyes, but their ability to get back to sleep.

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