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Gym staff member with a clipboard asking a young gym member to give feedback

3 Reasons Why Gyms Should Rely on Member Feedback

June 18, 2013

There are certain things that fitness facility owners can do to try and retain as many members as possible: offer the best commercial workout equipment, hire qualified personal trainers and fitness instructors, and ask for member feedback. While the third point may not seem incredibly obvious, asking for and acting upon member feedback is a simple way to ensure that your gym members are satisfied with the service they’re receiving and will continue to exercise at your fitness facility on a regular basis. Even if the feedback is negative, knowing what you are doing well and where improvements can be made will only serve to improve the gym and make it the best it can possibly be.

1) Encourage Conversations

While spending time on commercial treadmills or strength training equipment and working with a personal trainer to reach their fitness goals, members should be encouraged to converse with staff and comment on what they enjoy about the gym and what improvements could be made. Retaining members is all about ensuring that they have the best experience possible, and they are much more likely to feel at ease if their trainers engage them in conversations.

2) Make Comment Cards

Another way to gather member feedback is by placing comment cards around the gym and encouraging anyone coming in to fill them out. Read through the cards every week or so, and implement realistic changes. Your members are your eyes and ears around the gym when you’re in the office doing paperwork, and they may notice things that you don’t.

3) Interact Online

The internet offers a great opportunity to get member feedback. Include an option on your website where members can email the gym with their comments, or pose a question on Facebook asking for advice about improvements that can be made. Opening a conversation helps members feel that their opinions are valued, which they are.