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Going the Extra Mile: Facility Planning

April 17, 2020

TRUE is not only a fitness equipment manufacturer but a partner for life. We pride ourselves in helping you every step of the way. Our team is trained to help you plan for your goals, and achieve maximum results throughout the life of your fitness equipment. 

Whether you are opening a brand new gym, renovating an existing facility, or are planning a redesign in preparation for reopening after COVID-19, our facility planning services are here to help you layout the perfect facility. 

We walk you through every step and work with you to ensure your layout fits all of your needs. Every facility is different, and each deserves careful planning and attention to detail so that you can focus on providing the best experience for your members. No matter the size or capacity of your club or facility, our experts work to create the best layout with the optimal combination of machines. 

Next, we will be sharing expert tips on incorporating today’s trends into your facility planning. 

Phase 1: Exploration

Your TRUE sales representative will begin by discussing your facility’s goals and needs while suggesting the optimal mix of equipment. Whether you’re looking to add in a few new pieces or install all new equipment, your TRUE rep will ensure you have the best selection of cardio, strength, group training, and flexibility equipment available. 

Phase 2: Design 

One of our Project Designers will begin by exploring the scope of your project and gather a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives for your facility. The process begins by providing your details – your facility type, facility dimensions (a blueprint or CAD drawing when available), and any additional information you would like to provide such as ceiling height, images of your space, and details that are pertinent to your facility. 

Next, our expert project designers will utilize the information provided and layout your equipment based on your square footage and design objectives, while utilizing our design expertise and in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and ADA compliance. We focus on the smaller details that ensure you are providing the best experience to your members long-term.

Phase 3: Installation 

Once the design process is complete, you will receive a draft to approve. After you approve the layout design, your Project Designer will put in the finishing touches, and provide a 2D layout. 

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, we can also provide a 3D flythrough, which is great for presenting to stakeholders, as well as anyone else looking to get a good feel on what the facility will look like. 

Bonus Tip – These flythroughs work great on social media to generate buzz and excitement! 

When you are ready, your equipment will be shipped to your club or facility and the installation process will begin.

Install: St. Edward’s University 

Take a look at how St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas utilized TRUE’s facility planning services to renovate and expand their current facility and upgrade all of their fitness equipment to meet the growing needs of their school community. 

Residential Planning

If you’re looking to rearrange your home gym or try your hand at facility planning, we offer the use of Icovia for free through TRUE Fitness. On Icovia, you will be able to plan your own layout with TRUE Fitness equipment. If you have additional pieces in your gym, you can enter the SKU # to pull in those pieces to Icovia. 

To get started, head over to TRUE’s Icovia® Space Planner and use the predesigned floor plans or enter your own dimensions. Place your equipment pieces in according to your preferences, and click save!  

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