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cycling motivation

Get cycling motivation in a group setting

August 13, 2013

Spin classes, or indoor cycling classes, offer the benefits of a bike ride within a group fitness class setting. It’s a great way to improve cycling motivation. In between your own rides on bikes like the TRUE LC900 Upright Bike at the corporate gym, step into a spin class to get that extra push from both the instructor and fellow participants to really challenge yourself.

What is a spin class?

A spin class is a group fitness class taught on stationary upright bikes with an instructor leading a “ride” at various resistance levels over virtual straightaways, hills and valleys. The instructor cues and coaches participants throughout the class. Both avid bike riders, as well as newcomers, can benefit and enjoy a spin class. If you’re new, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the instructor and ask any questions you might have. Same goes for cyclists: If you’re new to the class setting, feel free to ask anything before or after class. Spin classes are a great way to improve your cycling motivation.

Why try a class?

Some people need that cycling motivational push created by a group setting. The instructor watches everyone and won’t let any class takers slack during their workout. Other people in class might also offer words of encouragement to keep everyone going. Just when it feels like you might not be able to stand any more of a challenge, the instructor will keep pushing. Challenging your mind and body in new ways is what keeps you in good physical condition. Without it, you could hit a plateau and not see further improvements. Taking a spin class as opposed to riding on your own outdoors or on commercial workout equipment like a stationary bike puts you in a different place mentally as well as physically. While riding alone, your brain might be focused on being serious and focused whereas in a class you can still be focused but you can also have some fun. It might be a little more light-hearted while still pushing you outside your comfort zones. During a spin class, heart rate, energy spent and oxygen uptake are comparable to what you would see in other aerobic workouts. Calories burned range between 350 to 600 or more depending on your size and class intensity level. Spin classes are considered high-intensity workouts.