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“Fitness Center” Not Just a Bullet Point on Your Apartment’s Amenity List

October 21, 2015

While renters previously viewed an on-site fitness center as an additional amenity that they’d probably not use, many now view it as a necessity. Fitness centers are a great way to attract tenants to your apartment complex, but it shouldn’t be something that you put in just for the sake of having. Providing tenants with a fully equipped, state-of-the-art fitness center will definitely make their pros list when they begin to weigh their options between apartment complexes.

Invest in Quality Fitness Equipment

Keep your fitness center looking its best and appealing to potential renters by investing in quality fitness equipment. Trying to “save money” by purchasing cheap fitness equipment isn’t worth it, as you will get what you pay for. Cheap fitness equipment comes with increased service and parts charges, as well as leave machines out of order for tenants when they come to use the center. If your machines are always broken down, it will result in an amenity that you’re paying to maintain, but nobody uses. Instead, go the extra mile and invest in quality fitness equipment. Not only will users appreciate the solid construction, but the equipment will require less maintenance and have a longer life, which will save you money.

Provide Tours & Demonstrations

After investing in high-quality, upgraded fitness equipment, make sure you show it off! When showing potential renters an available apartment, make sure you provide them with a tour of all the property’s amenities, including the fitness center. Don’t show renters your fitness center by simply passing by and peeking through a window. Take them inside and encourage them to try out a piece of equipment or two. By allowing them to try out the equipment, they are able to see first-hand the quality of the equipment as well as unique features it may offer.

Be Knowledgeable About Equipment Features & Benefits

While potential renters are trying out your fitness equipment, make sure that you are well-versed in how they work. Give a tutorial about how to navigate through the equipment’s main entertainment and technological features. You will also want to explain to them the benefits of each piece of equipment. That way, prospective tenants will know exactly what your fitness center is providing and how it’ll help them with their fitness goals.

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