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Equipment Spotlight: Selectorized Equipment

Equipment Spotlight: Selectorized Equipment

October 2, 2023

Building and strengthening muscles offer abundant benefits, including improved joint health, enhanced muscle endurance, and increased mobility and physical performance. Muscle growth and strengthening are some of the most sought-after fitness goals, making strength training a popular workout.

TRUE’s collection of selectorized equipment provides you with some of the best strength training equipment for your fitness facilities, offering many advantages of its own and reshaping your clients’ workout experiences. Check out some highlights of our selectorized equipment, and explore what these machines have to offer.

Versatility: Enhance Strength Training

Selectorized gym equipment allows users to adapt their workouts by changing weights and resistance forces. The workout customizability helps clients meet their goals and enhance their strength training.

TRUE’s selectorized gym equipment Force and Fitness lines offer versatility with two-in-one machine designs, allowing users to switch between muscle isolations and workouts. Our selectorized SD-1001 Biceps/Triceps machines offer bicep and tricep curls or extensions with one piece of equipment. All of our selectorized equipment also features customizable motion ranges and seat adjustments, giving users versatile and adaptable strength training.

Ergonomics: Improve Exercise Safety and Comfort

TRUE fitness machines consist of advanced biomechanic designs that enhance workout experiences in many ways. Our selectorized equipment is no exception. They feature ergonomic components, improving user safety and comfort.

Exercising with heavy weights can strain the body. TRUE selectorized machines put your clients first, helping them train with minimal stress. The adjustable weights allow users to manage the resistance intensity of their exercises, and the ergonomic structures reduce injury risks, keeping users comfortable.

User-Friendly: Streamline Workouts and Boost Motivation

Many people opt out of certain exercises due to equipment complexity. Trying to figure out how a machine works can take up a lot of workout time. Fortunately, TRUE selectorized equipment is user-friendly. These machines feature intuitive designs, simple movements, and comprehensible example guides. Their user-friendliness motivates clients to participate in strength training by eliminating their fear of machine incompetence and streamlining workouts with simplistic yet effective exercises.

Has our equipment spotlight got you thinking about adding selectorized machines to your fitness center? Explore our diverse selection of commercial sectorized gym equipment to reap the many benefits these innovative, effective, and workout-enhancing machines offer. Whether you manage a university gym or physical therapy center, selectorized equipment is just what your clients need for strength training.