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Designing a Micro-Unit Apartment Building: Dos and Don’ts

November 21, 2016

The world of design has already been revolutionized by the “tiny house” movement, but what about a “micro-apartment?” When people picture apartments—especially in highly-populated areas—they expect the size of each apartment to be small in order to maximize space throughout the building. With a micro-unit apartment building, there is a whole new set of standards to follow to gain and keep residents.

Do Keep Your Target Resident in Mind

The residents that are attracted to micro-unit apartments are minimalists. They typically don’t plan to entertain large amounts of people, but are concerned with cost and space efficiency. They are trendy, following the social explosion of “tiny living,” but want to stay connected in a densely populated city. In order to properly design a micro-unit apartment, these characteristics must be in the forefront of your mind.

Don’t Overcharge for Your Micro-Apartments

Though these apartments are following a social fad and may be highly popular, overcharging tenants for it will quickly cause them to look elsewhere for more affordable living. Like any other apartment, keep in mind two things:

  • The relative location of the building as a whole. Is it within walking distance of amenities like groceries and entertainment? If so, your centralized location will attract tenants.
  • The dollar amount charged in rent per square foot of space. This amount should be comparable to other apartments in the area if you want to compete and attract tenants.

Do Be Space Efficient

Engineers are crafty and now, designers everywhere are obsessed with multifunctional design, including furniture. This expands more than just futons, multifunctional, space-efficient furniture and features includes:

  • Full-length mirrors that open to reveal shelf-like storage that is deep enough to hold clothes, shoes and more.
  • A side table that flips and can become an eating tray or mini-desk.
  • A coffee table that can convert into a full-size dining table. Perfect for those tenants who entertain.
  • A pull out sofa that converts into a bed for guests or the main bed.
  • Storage seating like ottomans that can also double as a coffee table when paired with a nice tray.
  • Storage space above the bed to keep items off of the floor.

With micro-unit apartments, remember to keep decoration to a minimum and opt for smaller appliances instead. In doing so space is maximized and tenants can decorate however they wish.

Do Create Welcoming Common Spaces

In micro-unit apartment buildings, tenants won’t necessarily be staying in their apartments all day. They will want to mingle with others and accept that they will be sharing many facilities, like common areas and the apartment gym. As such, create a comfortable common area where tenants will want to gather and hang out.

Be sure to include comfortable seating, entertainment, and perhaps a bar that serves food and drink in the common area. In the apartment gym, include space-saving fitness equipment that encourages tenants to work out while keeping in mind the minimalist lifestyle.

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