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Creating An Ideal Gym Environment

November 21, 2017

When starting a gym, it is essential that you create an environment that is comfortable and welcoming for members.

From keeping things organized to being transparent in membership agreements, here are several ways you can make your gym a place where people want to go to work out.

Keep It Clean

Nothing turns off faster than a dirty gym. Not only does an unkempt gym look bad, but it can host a wide variety of germs and bacteria that can make people sick, such as rhinovirus and staph infections.

Be sure that staff is extra vigilant in cleaning areas like the locker room, sanitizing all towels, and advising members to wear flip flops in the locker room. Also, keep sanitizing wipes available for members to use to wipe down equipment before and after they use it. It’s a good idea to make wiping down equipment a gym rule.

Keep It Organized

When people come to your gym, they expect to be able to easily find the piece of equipment they are searching for. Be sure to keep your commercial fitness equipment categorized by type in a manner that is easy for members to find.

For example, have specific sections dedicated to cardio, strength, stretching, and functional equipment. Your members will thank you for the extra room.

Be sure there is also enough room in between equipment for members to easily move about. No one likes exercising in a cramped gym where they are constantly bump into someone else.

Keep It Fun

If members feel like they’re having fun while exercising, they are more likely to feel comfortable working out at your gym and come back for more. Just remember to keep the workouts challenging! That’s the only way members will see results.

Keep It Friendly

From the moment members walk into your gym, be it for the first time or the 20th, they should feel welcomed.  Ensure every member of your staff regardless of position is friendly, helpful, and available.

If a member has a question or concern, your staff must be able to answer in a friendly, helpful manner. If they don’t know the answer, they should find someone who does.

Keep It Secure

No one wants to go to a gym and worry that their personal belongings like their wallet and phone are in danger of being stolen. That is why you should provide security lockers with their own unique key for members to use to store their belongings.  With this basic security measure, members will feel better about coming to your gym.

If your gym is open 24 hours, it is essential that you restrict access after a certain time to 24 hour members only for their safety and the safety of your staff. Providing 24 hour members with a keycard will allow them access as well as log who is in the gym at any given time. Everyone should also check out at the front desk when they leave.

Keep It Transparent

No one wants to sign up for a gym membership trial only to discover that the gym made unauthorized charges or didn’t tell them about certain terms and conditions.

When signing up new members, be transparent and make sure they understand what their membership entails. If they have questions, answer honestly. It will keep you and your gym reputable and out of legal trouble.

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