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Corporate running programs keep employees happy and healthy

August 2, 2013

It’s no secret that people need to exercise in order to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. There are times, though, when it’s a challenge to get motivated and stay on track. Working out in a  group setting, like a corporate running program, not only keeps you accountable but makes it a social, more enjoyable experience that you want to stick with. Perks of starting a corporate running program Corporate running programs have benefits for both employees and companies. For anyone who sits all day in an office, moving around after work is a great release. It also creates bonding within the business and keeps employees happy.

  • Employee retention: People are more willing to stay at a company where they are happy and receive great benefits.
  • More productivity: Employees who exercise regularly are motivated to work, which results in a higher level of production.
  • Less sick days: Working out keeps people healthier, so they not as likely to need sick days which put a damper on how much gets done in a day.
  • Promotion: Running events like local races is a great way to promote the business using the logo and company name on team shirts.
  • Improved teamwork: Everyone will feel a sense of community getting to socialize outside of the work environment, which translates into better teamwork and communication in the office.
  • Less stress: Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels and boost energy. This means people will be happier and better functioning during the work day.

Where to start? Running is a relatively inexpensive form of exercise that’s great for the cardiovascular system and something many people can partake in. A corporate running program using commercial workout equipment is fairly simple to implement:

  • Garner interest: To begin, you need people interested. Put the word out that the company is starting a running program and ask people to sign up. If there’s any employee who’s already an avid runner, ask for his or her expertise in organization and planning. Once you have a group together you can begin training.
  • Create a schedule: Plan out when and where the group will run. Also consider how many miles each run will be. On same days, training will take place in the gym running on commercial treadmills like CS Treadmills, and on other days runs can take place outdoors (weather permitting). Since everyone will be at different fitness levels, the schedule should start off slowly and build as people get more comfortable and improve.
  • Attend events: After you’ve been training, the team can participate in 5ks, 8ks or even a half marathon. An event is a great goal to work toward and will provide additional motivation. It will also reflect well on the company and can be used as a fundraiser to support a local charity.