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COMPASS® Facility Experience

June 10, 2019

You may have heard about our revolutionary approach to member activation and asset management, but are still asking yourself “why should I use this in my facility?”

We created COMPASS® with you in mind. “Since 1981, we’ve listened to our customers to learn their needs and what’s important to them so we can continue to provide innovative solutions. We went through this same process for COMPASS® and have developed software to allow facilities to both efficiently manage their clubs as well as create the opportunity for user engagement and retainment,” said Ward Petito, COO of TRUE Fitness.

Let’s explore the COMPASS® experience and show you how TRUE’s state-of-the-art Asset Management system will help you transform your facility and get the very best from your TRUE equipment.

The COMPASS® Experience

The COMPASS® experience is available exclusively on our premium Envision16 COMPASS® LCD Touchscreen console and compatible with all TRUE commercial cardio products. The COMPASS® console is packed with user connectivity and entertainment features. Allow your members to connect their Bluetooth® Headphones or Heart Rate Chest Strap, in addition to a cooling fan, tablet holder, HDTV, Internet and Web Browsing, and customizable workout programs. Even more, our exclusive Envision with COMPASS® console lets members create a user profile directly on the Envision with COMPASS® console that tracks and customizes their workouts. Members can even sync with COMPASS® to migrate their fitness preferences and data to any COMPASS®-equipped machine they use.

What’s even better? COMPASS® keeps your members connected and helps you manage your clubs and equipment efficiently and effectively with our elevated facility software and cloud connectivity.

Elevated Software Solution & Cloud Connectivity

The COMPASS® upgraded console software benefits you, your trainers, and your members by seamlessly combining, syncing, and visualizing real-time information and analytics. Information gathered by COMPASS® is available on the TRUE COMPASS® Portal for your review and download.

Integrated Dashboard

Once a facility owner or manager logs into their COMPASS® Portal, they are taken to their integrated dashboard where they get an instant overview of their products connected to COMPASS®. The dashboard gives gym owners the power to manage all of their TRUE equipment across the world anytime, from anywhere. Managers can also grant facility access to location-specific machines, to ensure they are staying connected to the facilities they manage.


Owners have access to a number of great features including an interactive map that shows where all of their machines are located across the world. In addition, it will show the current status and updates on each individual machine.

Use Smart Search on your map to find exactly what you need regarding your TRUE equipment. Start by typing the name of the location, a specific machine’s unique Basis ID number, or the products’ serial number. From there, managers can see their location(s) machines on the COMPASS® Portal.

Data & Reports

Data acquired via your Envision with COMPASS® console allows your Facility / Club managers to view usage patterns on equipment, providing you the opportunity to rearrange machines to prevent non- or overuse. In addition, Facilities and Clubs can monitor their preventative maintenance schedules to maximize the life of their TRUE Cardio products. Reduce downtime with COMPASS® alerts regarding error and connectivity issues.

Monitoring product performance and health is easy with COMPASS® custom reports. View your products data such as products online, products currently in use, product average usage time, number of hours in use, and distance. You can also filter by daily, workout type, a specific date range, or annually.

All data is sent to the COMPASS® portal, regardless of whether the user logs into their profile or not! We ensure you are provided with a secure connected environment for your facility managers.


Facility managers will soon have the ability to push out promotions, messaging, contests, and more all from COMPASS®. In addition, TRUE will soon introduce a feature that allows service messaging to be sent out to staff and employees via COMPASS®.


Updating machine software via a USB is now a task of the past. The COMPASS® Console allows managers to update machines’ software over the Internet. Soon, updates can be remotely pushed out to all of your COMPASS® connected machines. TRUE is also putting the final touches on Parent/Child relationship. This means you can set up TV, Internet, color scheme, landing pages, facility images and screen savers on one COMPASS® connected machine and push the information to the rest of the machines on the same network – saving you hours in setup time!

You are a visionary. Your facility is one of a kind. Harness the power of your TRUE equipment, and transform your facility experience with COMPASS®.

Reach your goals with our premium networked fitness facility solution. Interested in integrating COMPASS® in your facility? Contact your TRUE Fitness rep today!