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How to Cater to Loyal Gym Members

July 25, 2016

Sometimes, gyms are so focused on attracting new members that they neglect the members who are loyal to them. While it is important to pay attention to new members to make them feel welcome, it is equally important to cater to loyal gym members and their needs. When catering to all members of your gym, keep it balanced between retaining old members and attracting new.

Upgrade Basic Equipment

While having an exciting new piece of fitness equipment is great, simply upgrading the tried and true equipment that your loyal club members love is enough to keep them happy. That way, they don’t have to suddenly learn how to use new equipment and the environment they know and love is the same.

Have a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a program that offers incentives and rewards to gym members who are loyal. For example, offer them fitness classes that are specifically designed for loyalty members or a complimentary massage. Having perks for being faithful to your gym will help loyal members feel appreciated. Before you start a loyalty program, make sure that you can afford it as well as the rewards you plan to give.

Fulfill Their Needs

Loyal gym members will have changing needs over the course of their memberships with you. Perhaps they reached their fitness goal and need something new to do. Offer loyal members new fitness classes and activities that supplement their workout, like learning how to use fitness wearables. That way, loyal members can learn something new and keep their experience at your gym fresh and exciting.

Talk to Them

If you do not communicate with your loyal gym members, they will feel unappreciated—especially if they feel their voices aren’t being heard. Some gyms have a 21 day rule where if a member hasn’t been showing up for 21 days, they reach out to them. The goal is to interact with members and offer incentives to get them in again and ask them what they would like to see in the gym.

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