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Bring Broadway to Your Gym with This New Fitness Craze

October 24, 2016

Two activities that don’t usually seem compatible when you first think about them have now collaborated to form a harmonious bond so beautiful, you forget you are exercising. In New York City, a small set of personal trainers and gym owners have realized the potential in hosting fitness classes that are centrally themed with music from Broadway.

Crunch Fitness is considered a trailblazer in this sub-industry, where users can train in a variety of different programs to popular musicals such as “Wicked” and “School of Rock.” Other gyms like SoulCycle has a new favorite class riding to the tune of current Broadway hit, “Hamilton.”

Bring Something New to the Table

When your group fitness class plays the same type of music and the same songs from class to class, both the instructor and the attendees can become bored and lose interest in attending altogether.

Broadway offers a wide variety of musical scores to choose from and use from week to week, depending on the type of fitness training. For example, use fast paced songs for intense exercises like cycling, and slower ones for yoga.

Make Fitness Classes Fun

Not only will offering Broadway-based fitness classes reach a wider market in your area, but it will also expand two-fold by reaching a wider base of those interested in a variety of training that may not currently be offered elsewhere.

Fitness class goers love this trend because it is fun for them. It genuinely makes them feel happy that their two interests can come together to form a judgement-free, fun, variety-filled class with others who share a common interest.

Create Gym Comradery

Many would think that the only people interested in this type of workout are the ones who fleeted to New York with their Broadway dreams. But in reality, this trend has widespread adherents from millennials, to Broadway aspirants, to retired businesspeople. These diverse groups can come together to create a sense of community among gym users, celebrating their love of the arts and exercise. When people enjoy working out together, they will be more likely to come back to your gym to exercise more.

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