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Benefits of Incline Training on TRUE’s Alpine Runner

August 22, 2016

In recent years, researchers have discovered the benefits of incline training. Studies performed on incline training prove that this cardio style provides full-body benefits without putting unnecessary strain on the body, including:

  • Burning calories
  • Strength training
  • Increasing your endurance

The innovators at TRUE Fitness also recognized the need to step it up (the incline that is) by giving users an even better training experience. As such, we are proud to announce the release of the Alpine Runner, the newest home treadmill of TRUE’s HIIT Series.

Burn More Calories

It is common knowledge that running burns more calories than walking—if both are on a flat surface. However, by increasing the incline of the treadmill as you walk, you may find that you are burning just as many calories or more, depending on the incline level. It has been scientifically proven that users burn more calories exercising on an incline than on a flat surface. On the Alpine Runner, you are able to burn more calories than a traditional treadmill incline because of the wide range between the -3% decline level and 30% incline. These calories can be tracked and burned in a more entertaining manner by utilizing the new

Build More Muscle

According to Team USA track and field coach Jason Fitzgerald, “As the incline increases, the muscles are forced to do more work as the body must produce more power to propel itself not only forward but also up against gravity.” To put into numbers, an average user walking at only a 9% incline level increases activity of calf muscles, glute, and hamstring engagement by 175%, 635%, and 345% respectively. According to the same study, the steeper the incline level, the higher the activity level in leg, hip, knee, and ankle muscles.

Reduce Strain & Improve Cardiovascular Health

Have you ever experience pain when running on a flat treadmill? On a flat surface, you can experience uncomfortable strain on joints that cause common injuries to the lower body. Walking uphill decreases the impact the body feels on the knees, hips, back, and ankles. The American Heart Association says that incline training also reduces strain on the heart, lowering blood pressure and decreasing the chances of cardiovascular disease. In addition, incline training has capabilities to decrease chances of diabetes development by improving insulin sensitivity.

TRUE Fitness innovators have addressed this issue as well. With the redesigned cushioning system, the deck of the Alpine Runner relieves impact and feels softer than other treadmills on the market. Also available for comfort are the vertical, upper handgrips designed to be held at any incline on the Alpine Runner along the workout process.

The Alpine Runner is a part of TRUE’s HIT Series and is available for ordering and shipment today.

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