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What Apartment Complexes Can Gain by Partnering with a Local Gym

July 27, 2016

The health of your tenants is important and you should encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering them amenities and services to promote their health are a must. That’s why partnering with your local gym can be a great way to get your tenants exercising and promotes both your apartment complex and the local gym.

Partnering is Mutually Beneficial

When you partner up with a local gym, both parties can benefit from the relationship. For example, your apartment complex will get free advertising when the gym promotes that tenants at your complex get a discounted membership. In return, when new tenants move into your apartments, you can promote the gym. Participating in some strategic guerrilla marketing can also help spread the word.

Partnering Can Be Cost-Effective

Having an apartment gym may not be within your budget, so partnering with a local gym can be very cost-effective since you won’t have to take on the responsibility of a gym. It can even help tenants afford a gym membership if the gym offers discounts to people who live in your apartment complex.

Tenants May Want an On-Site Gym Instead

Despite the benefits of partnering with a local gym, tenants in your apartment complex expect important facilities to be on site. So they may prefer to have a gym in-house so they don’t have to go all the way to the gym or pay for a membership.

If enough of your tenants want an apartment gym on site and you can afford it and have the space, consider investing in one. To get an idea of what your tenants want and to let them feel like their opinions matter, send out a survey that they can fill out and send back to you. Having an apartment gym is a big responsibility, so make sure that it is what everyone wants before you invest.

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