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A Modern Fitness Center: How to Make Your Guests Book Their Next Stay At Your Hotel

May 7, 2018

Health clubs and boutique gyms of all kinds are constantly striving to provide the best equipment possible for their members to work out on. However, there is another market in the fitness industry that also has a need for premium fitness equipment – hospitality. Hospitality means more than clean towels and good guest service at a hotel; it has evolved into having a great fitness room or on-site gym to work out in.

Give Fitness-Minded Travelers What They Want


Hotel gyms should speak for themselves and entice fitness-minded travelers to come workout during their stay. Many travelers actually base their hotel choices off of the quality of the fitness center and the hospitality industry is always trying to think of ways to encourage guests to work out during their stay.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, by themselves, or with a group, making the time to work out while they are away from home can be difficult for fitness-minded guests. For guests who make exercise a priority in their daily life, not getting the chance to fit a workout in can throw off their schedule. Common challenges that travelers tend to face are:

  • Lack of time
  • No room or enough space to work out in
  • Old or basic fitness equipment
  • Limited access to the hotel fitness center

As fitness and overall wellness continues to trend, so will the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Outside of a swimming pool, guests usually always check out the hotel’s fitness center as soon as they get the chance to see if it’s what they need to stay on track with their fitness goals.

Delivering Quality Fitness Options for Guests

In order to accommodate guests who focus on their fitness even while traveling, your hotel gym should consider the following in order to make guests feel like they are at their regular gym:

Give Them More Space

Functional training is on the rise, so guests need more room to move around. Having a larger space to workout could provide more opportunities for your hotel too. A bigger fitness center helps encourage more guests to work out because they won’t be cramped into a small room with only a few cardio machines.

Provide Upgraded Equipment

Be sure to stock your hotel’s fitness space with more than just a few traditional cardio pieces. With the rise of functional training, including a few single-station machines that target specific muscle groups or a functional trainer would all be great pieces to have. Also, consider upgrading your treadmills with new consoles so travelers can make their workout more interactive and enjoyable.

Have Additional Workout Options

If your hotel is large enough, perhaps you could have a designated personal trainer that is in charge of the fitness center. Having someone in a role like a personal trainer will really help amplify and bring the gym feel to the hotel, so guests feel like they’re back home working out. Additionally, be sure to stock the workout room with items like free weights, bands, yoga mats and of course towels and a water dispenser. Providing a complimentary fitness bag can also get guests moving.

The days of going to the hotel pool to swim a few laps are fading, now people want to visit the fitness center when they stay at hotels. Guests know that there will most likely be traditional fitness equipment to cater to basic fitness needs, but by providing more options and premium equipment they will be more likely to actually use your hotel’s fitness center. It is also important to keep the ratio of fitness equipment and hotel guests even, as this will ensure that the hotel gym will not be overcrowded and everyone can enjoy working out while they travel.

Finally, properly train your hotel staff in the use, maintenance, and rules of the hotel fitness center. This will ensure that they know what to look for to make sure equipment is working correctly, keep the area clean, and prevent abuse.

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