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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying New Commercial Gym Equipment

August 29, 2023

Running a successful fitness business involves lots of moving parts. A gym’s inclusivity, class options, and location determine the business’s demand and popularity. One of the most influential aspects of a gym’s success is its equipment selection—this can influence client experiences, services, and attractions. Choosing the right exercise machines guarantees happier clients and better business.

However, finding and equipping the best fitness equipment involves multiple considerations. Avoid these six mistakes when buying new commercial gym equipment and maximize your business’ success.

1. Neglecting Maintenance Requirements

Gym equipment undergoes a lot of wear and tear due to the nature of their roles. These machines experience frequent use and interactions, intense impacts, and multiple strains. The more durable the gym equipment, the longer the pieces last and the less likely they are to succumb to the pressure of wear. Long-lasting and durable machines also reduce maintenance frequency. Equipment that breaks down often and needs consistent repairs requires lots of attention and comes with a bunch of added fees.

Some gym equipment designs are more demanding in terms of upkeep than others. Traditional treadmills require regular oiling to keep the belt working optimally, lubricated, and protected against friction. Lubrication frequency varies depending on the machine’s design, but on average, most belted treadmills need oiling around every three months.

Due to its slatted running surface, TRUE’s Stryker Slat treadmills require minimal maintenance. Unlike traditional belted treadmills, TRUE’s Stryker Slat Treadmill eliminates the need for lubrication. The slats also streamline repair processes as you can remove slats easily and individually. Meanwhile, repairing a belted treadmill sometimes involves breaking down and taking apart the machine. Avoid costly maintenance fees, operational disruptions, and wear damage by considering maintenance requirements when selecting your gym’s fitness equipment.

2. Not Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality

Equipment Functionality

Gym equipment should expand exercise opportunities. A machine that’s aesthetically appealing but offers minimal operations or unpleasant user experiences does the opposite—it adds limitations. Some fall into the age-old trap of judging a book by its cover and shop based on looks. Pay close attention to gym equipment’s functionalities and capabilities. You can also put potential new equipment to the test to make sure you spend efficiently and invest in something beneficial and valuable for your gym.

Equipment Aesthetics

Many people overcompensate and shop for any functional machinery without considering appeal. Although arguably not as important as functionality, a machine’s appearance also plays a major role in your gym’s services and client experiences. Aesthetics emanate ambiance, transforming atmospheres and influencing peoples’ moods. The more visually appealing a space is, the greater the ambiance, comfort, and attraction. People want to immerse themselves in an inviting environment.

Enhancing your gym’s appeal and atmosphere entices clients into your facility and encourages them to spend more time there. Choosing aesthetic gym equipment enriches your business’s overall appearance. Sleek, modern, and compact machines offer many benefits. They enhance your gym’s environment with visual appeal, making it look more open and cleaner. Disregarding your new gym equipment’s aesthetic affects your services and influences your clients’ experiences.

3. Overlooking Measurements and Dimensions

Your clients dictate your gym’s demand and income. The more clients your business accommodates, the greater your profit. However, a greater clientele population requires more equipment and leaves you with less free space. Overlooking equipment measurements and dimensions can cause you many future problems in your gym’s layout design and flow. The size and shape of gym equipment also affect the number of machines you can fit in your facility. Taking accurate measurements of your gym and carefully looking at the new equipment’s dimensions ensures your new purchases can fit in your space.

Choosing gym equipment with compact, space-efficient, and sleek designs further maximizes your space usage. TRUE’s Palisade Climber features an innovative, space-saving modern design that uses vertical space rather than horizontal. The Palisade Climber is a compact stepping machine that maximizes your gym space.

4. Disregarding Future Upgradability

As new technological discoveries and ingenuity come to fruition, technology upgrades, adapts, and transforms. Upgradable gym equipment allows your business to adapt and advance. Choosing exercise machines that aren’t upgradable can make your gym fall behind and become outdated. Considering your new gym equipment’s upgradability reshapes your business’ future potential.

5. Not Considering User Experience

A functioning exercise machine does not guarantee a great user experience. Gym equipment with user-friendly interfaces, ergonomic comfort, and intuitive functionality offer enjoyable user experiences and enhance workouts. Equipment that creates a pleasant experience appeases clients and increases their desire to return. Enjoyable workout experiences uplift moods, keeping your gym community happy and welcoming. Investing in exercise machines that provide quality user experiences makes your gym more enticing and increases your clients’ satisfaction.

6. Limiting Your Equipment Selection

Are you only looking at cardio equipment? Exercise machines come in many variations, offering multiple ways to get physical. Limiting your equipment selection to one kind of machinery restricts your clients’ workout possibilities and reduces the services your gym can provide. Expanding your new equipment search to all sorts of machines increases your selection pool and allows you to diversify what your gym offers.

Plus, most modern gym equipment designs offer multipurpose properties. Multifunctional exercise machines don’t fit under one specific category—they do it all. If you limit your search to a particular type of machine, you might miss out on finding gym equipment that better suits your needs. A multifunctional exercise machine is an excellent choice for small facilities, inclusive businesses, and gyms looking to enhance their clients’ workout options.

Avoiding these six mistakes when buying new commercial gym equipment ensures you spend your money wisely and find the perfect exercise machines for your business. After all, your equipment selection affects your gym’s success.

TRUE Fitness Technology is a gym equipment company that sells a diverse selection of modern, efficient, and advanced commercial fitness equipment. With the above shopping tips and our equipment inventory, your business can equip the best machines for you and your clients. Check out our fitness machines today to enhance your gym in many ways.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying New Commercial Gym Equipment