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5 Ways to Get Your Gym Staff to Do More

July 4, 2016

As the owner of a fitness center, you hire gym staff with the expectation that they will work as a team and be professional. But what do you do when you find your gym staff slacking on the job? Here are some tips to help you motivate your gym staff:

Trust Them to Take Initiative

Are you a micromanager? If so, your gym staff will feel like they can’t do anything without your say so and not take the initiative to get things done themselves. By trusting your employees to take initiative, they will work harder and think of new ways to bring better service to clients. Of course, staff will only take the initiative if you’re a good role model and take the initiative yourself.

Be a Role Model

As the boss, part of your job is to be a good role model for your employees. If your gym staff sees you slacking off, they will too because if you’re not committed, they will see that you’re not serious and undermine their responsibilities. Set an example for gym staff to live up to. Take the time to meet with employees to communicate with them as well as working with gym members too. Just remember to listen.


If you don’t listen to your employees, they will be less likely to want to do anything you say. Gym staff who feels like their voices aren’t getting heard won’t want to do more around the fitness center. Listen to what your employees are saying and take the time to address their concerns. Letting your employees know that you are there for them and creating a culture of inclusiveness will do wonders for morale.

Empower Gym Staff

Give your gym staff positive feedback on their work so they can self-improve and feel empowered. An empowered employee is not only one that was trained to do their job well when they were hired and given clear goals, but one that feels supported. Without clear goals and support, gym staff won’t do more than they have to.

Offer Incentives

Working long days at a fitness center can get tiring for gym staff—keeping the center cleaned and making sure that members are taken care of. If your employees are working hard for little reward other than a paycheck, they will be less likely to more than what is required of them. Offer incentives to gym staff to show that you appreciate them and encourage them to do more. For example, offer free healthy snacks and a discounted membership at your fitness center.

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