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5 Tips for Bringing New Fitness Equipment Into Your Gym

5 Tips for Bringing New Fitness Equipment Into Your Gym

September 21, 2023


Updating your gym equipment keeps your facilities enticing, competitive, and current with the latest technology in the fitness industry. Introducing new equipment to your gym also expands your clients’ workout opportunities, further aiding their fitness goals. To guarantee smooth and successful implementation, explore our top tips for bringing new fitness equipment into your gym.

Assess Your Members’ Needs

Before bringing in any new equipment, assess your members’ needs. Your clients drive your business and play a key role in your gym’s return on investment (ROI). For example, do you have a lot of strength training machines? Consider bringing in a TRUE Stretch Cage to offer your clients a place to warm up and cool down and help reduce the risk of injury while working out. Do you have clients with rehabilitation needs? Prioritize introducing low-impact equipment. Assess your members’ needs and bring in fitness equipment that caters to these needs to better support your clients’ goals and guarantee positive ROI.

Consider Variety

Along with meeting your client’s needs, expanding and enhancing their workout experiences influences their satisfaction and your gym’s success. Offering various fitness equipment broadens your clients’ workouts and elevates your services.

Additionally, bringing in different variations of existing equipment or workout options provides your clients with diverse exercise experiences. Adding TRUE’s signature commercial slatted treadmill, the Stryker, to your existing regular treadmill lineup varies your gym’s cardio and running workout options. The Stryker Slat Treadmill offers a more comfortable, lower-impact running experience with shock-absorbing slats that reduce foot impact and joint strain.

Provide User-Friendly Guides

Deciphering how to use new machines can take time and feel awkward to many people. Providing user-friendly guides and tutorial options for your newly brought-in equipment expedites the learning process and gives your clients confidence in using new machines. User guides also entice clients to your new equipment and enhance your gym’s safety, making sure clients use the new equipment properly.

Avoid Disrupting Your Gym’s Flow

Your equipment placement influences many aspects of your gym’s success, from safety to space maximization. Your new fitness equipment requires space, whether replacing existing machines or simply expanding equipment selection.

The perfect spot for your new equipment should highlight the machine without disrupting the flow of your gym. An easy-to-navigate and streamlined gym layout allows clients to navigate your facilities easily, maximize their time in the gym, and prevent injuries or discomfort. Choose your new equipment’s placement with intention.

Promote New Additions

Introducing new equipment to your gym can be risky. You never know how your clients might receive the new addition or whether the investment will pay off. Promoting your new equipment by word of mouth, special classes featuring them, or social media ensures your latest investment doesn’t go unnoticed. The more attention you bring to your newest additions, the greater the chances are your clients will maximize your investment.

Successfully bring new fitness equipment to your gym with these five tips. And keep your fitness business current with the latest technology and innovations in the industry, like TRUE-engineered machines.