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Employee health is important for productivity.

5 Resources To Help You Run Your Corporate Wellness Plan

March 15, 2017

Employers are taking more interest in their employees’ health. Employers realize that they can’t expect employees to take care of clients properly if they can’t take care of themselves first. Not only does a corporate wellness plan appeal to employees upon hiring while setting the company up for a friendly and motivating reputation, but it does help business. Whether big or small, companies with corporate wellness plans can positively promote employee health changes on every level.

Studies by The American Journal of Health Promotion says that companies saw an average of 27% reduction in sick days, 26% reduction in health care costs and other benefits when a corporate wellness plan was placed. In order to see these results as well as a positive ROI, businesses must have the right tools and personnel to incorporate an effective wellness plan into the lives of their employees. Here are five resources that can help jumpstart your corporate wellness plan and keep employee morale high:

A Chief Wellness Officer

Recent positions within companies have been created for a chief wellness officer, whose sole role is to look after and create a thriving work culture for company employees. Chief wellness officers oversee more than just employee physical health—they develop a deep understanding of each employee’s happiness and motivation. A chief wellness officer’s primary duty is to ensure that each employee is healthy in other areas as well, creating an upbeat environment for all employees. They will also help your company:

A Personal Trainer

To keep employees physically healthy, consider hiring a personal trainer as part of staff to help employees reach their goal. Many companies hire personal trainers to instruct group classes for employees who express interest.

It’s a good idea to hire a personal trainer with a wide variety of expertise or certifications like yoga, HIIT, functional, and dance to teach multiple classes a week. This variety offers “health nut” employees a chance to cycle through workouts that pique their interest. Personal trainers can also be hired to do one-on-one sessions with employees who decide to exercise and help you set up an in-house fitness center.

A Life Coach

Life coaches can help your corporate wellness plan and employee health by offering guidance on not only their physical health, but also their:

  • Mental health
  • Career goals
  • Relationships

When employees want to talk about motivations, personal and professional goals and success, a life coach will help them identify their needs and wants and advise them accordingly. Life coaches are meant to help people set goals, but more importantly, set steps in order to obtain these goals.

A Nutritionist

Many personal trainers will give nutrition advice, but when employees can consult a nutritionist one-on-one, they will be receiving advice and a diet tailored to their needs and lifestyle. Even a nutritionist that holds group info sessions during lunch every so often is helpful. Nutritionists can also help advise what sort of food and beverage options to offer for corporate special events, in vending machines, or otherwise. In doing so, your employees will know how to make better eating decisions, improving their health.

Your Employees Health

Building these programs not only mean building health for individuals but encourages a comradery among employees. Encourage employees to keep one another accountable, especially if hiring any of the above experts is not feasible for your budget. Having driven, goal-oriented employees who place their health at a high standard will keep corporate wellness programs at peak performance. Encourage employees, motivate them, and keep them moving forward – the other benefits of a wellness program will follow quickly.

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