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5 Fitness Center Design Decisions for a Better Member Experience

February 3, 2016

Every aspect of your fitness center’s design can contribute to a better member experience. Here are a few frequently overlooked opportunities to improve your health club’s design:

Bathrooms Designed for Cleanliness & Privacy

Your fitness center is going to serve a lot of people, so make sure you have the facilities to accommodate them. That means restrooms that are easy to clean and can accommodate several people at once. Your members shouldn’t have to wait in line to use your restrooms. Because fitness centers are a breeding ground for germs, decide if you want automated faucets and toilets. Some studies show that hands free faucets actually spread more germs than manual ones. If your fitness center will have showers, you must decide how private they will be. Not everyone is comfortable with the open showers older gyms have, so make sure that your showers have at least some stalls with doors for added privacy.

Lockers Designed for Security

It’s important that your members feel safe and know that their belongings are safe at your gym. With that in mind, don’t forego basic security like having lockers that lock. Issue members a key that must be returned after they’re done with the locker, and keep a master key for each locker safe at the front desk. That way, you don’t have to worry about being locked out if a member loses their key.

Floors Designed for Sanitizing

You want to avoid floors that are a single color or drab. Having bright patterns lightens up a space and hides stains that cannot be removed—just make sure the pattern isn’t too obnoxious. Replace flooring when it becomes worn or becomes a tripping hazard. In addition to looking good, your floors should be easy to clean and sanitize. That means no carpet that wasn’t meant for fitness center use. Regular carpet, no matter how thin it is, is difficult to clean and is a hotbed of germs that can make members sick.

Ceilings Designed for Comfort

Your fitness center’s ceiling should be high and suspended, making your fitness center feel open. Suspended ceilings:

  • Are easy to remove if you need to make repairs
  • Provide soundproofing
  • Make installing lights easier

Lighting Designed for Stimulation

Lighting should also be bright, but not harsh, as it can lead to eye strain. Lights also shouldn’t be too dim—it can make it difficult for members to work out and dangerous. If members can’t see well, then they may have difficulty seeing how their machine is working or miss a wayward dumbbell someone didn’t pick up.

Workout Machine Layout Designed for Easy Use

Last, but not least, make sure that your fitness equipment isn’t crammed together or placed without a plan. For example, place all cardio equipment together by machine and leave enough room for members to comfortably walk around.

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