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5 Common Fitness Client Complaints (And What to Say Back)

August 22, 2016

Complaints are to be expected when working with the public, and fitness clients are no exception. Your clients are coming to you to get healthy and if they have complaints, you must address them as soon as possible and respectfully to maintain a good relationship. Here are the most common complaints and how you should address them:

“I Don’t Think I Can Do This”stretching-498256_640

Whether it’s eating better or starting a new workout, you will have a client who has doubts about their abilities or just don’t want to work at it. If your client is overweight or recovering from an illness or surgery, they may be skeptical that working out will actually give them results or worried about judgment from others.

Assure them that starting a new workout can always be a little difficult and that it’s normal—after all, if it wasn’t, no one would get fit. Let them know that they will start off slow with exercises that are within their fitness ability and not to worry about keeping up with the “fit” people at the gym. No one is the same and everyone has different fitness goals.

“I’m Not Seeing Any Results”

Your fitness client has diligently kept up with their routine and after a few weeks, complains that they aren’t seeing results. They may ask if working out is even worth it. After all, shouldn’t they have seen visible changes by now?

Assure your clients that getting physically fit takes time. When starting a new fitness routine and setting out goals for your client:

“The Equipment Is Broken”

Your client comes into your gym and complains that they can’t use the equipment because it’s broken. Not only is this complaint a problem for clients who now can’t work out, it can negatively affect your gym’s reputation.

Ask the client to show you the machine and inspect it to discern what the problem is. Let the client know that you will get the machine fixed as soon as possible and thank them for bringing it to your attention. Then, work with them to find an alternative machine that will give them the workout they need.

“The Locker Room is a Mess”

No one wants to change in a dirty locker room. If your gym staff isn’t cleaning the locker room regularly and thoroughly, harmful germs can breed and make your clients sick. If clients are complaining about a dirty locker room, be sure to get a staff member or janitor to clean it up and assure the client that it will be taken care of. In order to keep this complaint from happening again, set a thorough cleaning schedule.

“This Workout is Boring”

Your fitness client has become lackluster and complains that their workout is boring and has turned into a chore. Take a look at the routine that you have set out for them. If their workout doesn’t have a variety of exercises, clients will get bored and hit a physical plateau.

Similarly, if your client doesn’t like the equipment they are using, work with them to find equipment they will enjoy. Alternatively, incorporating fitness technology like wearables and Wii Fit can make a workout more entertaining for a client. It also helps if you keep up on the most recent fitness tactics to keep your workouts fresh.

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