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4 Tips on Picking Which Treadmill to Buy for Your Complex

4 Tips on Picking Which Treadmill to Buy for Your Complex

April 19, 2024

Residential complex gyms enhance property value and residents’ quality of life. A well-equipped gym can further maximize these benefits.

Treadmills are essential and popular pieces of workout equipment that every gym needs. Choosing the right treadmill for your complex’s fitness center can determine its appeal and demand. With our TRUE Fitness equipment and top tips, you can pick the right treadmill for your complex.

1. Assess Your Space

Treadmills come in many sizes and build. Older models are bulky, modern variations are compact, and advanced designs can fold up for storage. The right treadmill for your complex depends on your gym’s space.

A compact treadmill suits smaller gym spaces, enhancing efficiency and layout flexibility. Placing a bulky treadmill in a small space, on the other hand, can increase safety risks and disrupt flow. Assessing your complex’s workout space can steer you toward the best treadmill for your gym.

2. Evaluate Your Residents’ Needs

Evaluating your residents’ needs is key to choosing a treadmill that meets what they’re looking for. If most residents like a challenge, TRUE’s Alpine Runner is the best fit for your complex, as its impressive incline capabilities can increase the intensity of a workout. With an incline range of -3 percent to 30 percent, this range intensifies workouts like never before. This treadmill also features a patented incline system engineered to minimize the load on the incline motor and reduce wear and tear. Residents who prefer to work out alongside tutorials best benefit from high-tech treadmills with advanced interactive interfaces.

Your residents’ demographics can also influence the best treadmill choice for you. Older residents have critical health conditions that require specific accommodations, such as low-impact movements and ergonomic designs. Evaluate your residents’ treadmill needs through surveys or community meetings and choose a treadmill that matches them.

3. Consider Durability

Treadmills endure a lot of wear and tear whether users run, jog, or walk. Durable treadmills can mitigate excessive wear and guarantee long-term usage, increasing user safety and decreasing repairs. TRUE’s commercial slat treadmill, the Stryker, offers just that.

With its slated running surface, the Stryker generates minimal friction, which reduces the machine’s wear. Considering durability in your treadmill selection influences long-term gym management and maintenance costs.

4. Prioritize Comfort and Safety

Prioritizing comfort and safety in your treadmill selection affects your gym’s retention rates and appeal. Treadmills with cushioned running surfaces and advanced safety systems enhance the running, jogging, or walking experience. The elevated comfort and safety increase the user’s enjoyment of their workout.

With these top tips, you can pick the right treadmill for your complex. Considering these aspects, you can create an appealing, enjoyable, and effective workout space for residents.