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3 Ways to Avoid a Boring Corporate Wellness Program

July 8, 2015

Wellness programs are a huge benefit in the workplace today. However for them to be successful, employees must utilize what your company is offering. The best way to ensure that employees use your wellness program is to keep it fun and interesting.

Raise Employee Awareness of the Wellness Program

Before you can deem your program a success, you have to get employees interested in it. Simply providing the fitness center for your employees won’t do the trick. Take the time to explain to your employees the importance of staying healthy when your program begins. To promote your corporate wellness program:

Keep the Atmosphere Fun and Upbeat

Fitness centers can be intimidating for those employees who do not exercise on a regular basis. To avoid an uncomfortable environment:

  • Play fun, upbeat music (but not too loudly): Upbeat music will give employees working out an extra boost to their workout and mood. It has been shown that the more upbeat the music, the more intense the workout.
  • Have group workout sessions: Not only will they be more enthusiastic about the routine, but exercising together will improve workplace camaraderie.
  • Offer tips on how to use equipment: Make employees feel more prepared to use the wellness program.
  • Provide seminars or literature: Holding informational meetings or sending out newsletters is a good way to educate employees about the available equipment.

By giving your fitness the center a fun image, employees will be less intimidated and more inclined to participate.

Inform Your Employees of Any Updates to the Wellness Program

Simply providing the fitness center for your employees won’t do the trick. You need to take the time and explain what you are providing for them, especially when you make changes to your fitness center. Staying up-to-date will also provide employees with a reminder that the fitness center is available to them.

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