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3 Reasons to Try “Bring a Friend for Free” Week

October 5, 2015

Health clubs are always looking for new ways to increase overall memberships. A great way to provide information to potential members while allowing them to experience all you have to offer is to allow current members to bring a friend for a week for free. Allowing a potential member to experience your facility for more than just one free session allows them to develop a routine and decide to commit to a gym membership.

Give Potential Members Enough Time to Learn About Your Facility

In the past, gyms have offered a one-time free trial to potential gym members. However this limited amount of time doesn’t allow them to experience your gym in-depth. The more time you can offer people to come in and experience all you have to offer, the better. Along with actually seeing all of your gym’s offerings, they can also get used to the different pieces of equipment you offer as well. After a week of using the same equipment and facility that they will grow to love, they will feel confident that your health club is right for them.

Potential Members Will Feel More Comfortable Visiting

No one likes going to a new place alone, especially a health club, as they can be intimidating. By offering a free week for members to bring friends that are interested in, but unsure of, a gym membership, potential members can feel more confident in going. Also, by coming with a friend, potential gym members will be more open to exercising regularly. Their friend can show them the ropes and what they personally love about your health club. This personal recommendation often sits better with people, as they won’t feel like they’re being pressured into joining.

Relieve the Stress of Making the Commitment with a Membership

Are you providing information about your facility to a potential member, and then asking them to make a decision and sign up for a membership? If so, it may be a good idea to back off. When an individual is asked straight-up to sign up for a membership, it can be incredibly stressful. By allowing them to come into your health club free of charge and with no strings attached, you’re providing potential gym members with something much more than the traditional sales pitch. You are making them feel important and comfortable by completely taking the pressure off their shoulders of whether or not this gym is the right fit for them.

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