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3 High-Tech Ways to Attract New Members to Your Health Club

September 23, 2015

Attracting new gym members is important for any health club to actively remain competitive. One great way is by utilizing today’s advanced popular technology. Not only is utilizing technology useful for gaining new members, but it is also a great way to keep them for the long-haul. Check out these few basic ways that you can use high-tech resources to grow your gym’s membership.

Reach Out to New Members with Social Media

Social media sites play a big role in the marketing of almost every business today. By creating social media pages for your health club, you can start to get your company and your brand name in front of more people than ever before. Not only will you be able to reach more prospective gym members, but you can also track and target every post your page makes. Having an active social media presence will also assure potential gym members that you are still in business and care for your members. There, gym members will be able to contact you with any questions they may have, day or night.

Attract Members with the Latest Fitness Technology

Today, people expect businesses to provide them with the latest technology no matter what. Be it smart phones, laptops or tablets, staying up to date with technology is a must. In order to take advantage of this area for your health club, make sure you are providing your gym members with the latest console technology they crave. TRUE Fitness has a variety of console options that range from a simple push-to-start console, all the way up to our high-end touch screen with all of the bells and whistles. Our Transcend 16-inch touch screen console encompasses Bluetooth technology as well as internet and entertainment capabilities. With this technology at their fingertips, new gym members will enjoy exercising and be sure to stay.

Develop Client Relationships with Company Cell Phones

Even though your health club would accrue additional expenses by purchasing and paying for the use of these cell phones, it will allow your trainers the opportunity and resources to build more client-trainer relationships, which will in-turn increase overall business. By providing your club’s personal trainers with cell phones, they can keep track of their client’s contacts all in one place as well as send and receive appointment requests. Having a company cell phone also helps build trainer-client relationships by being readily available whenever a client or potential client may need information or assistance.

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