FUSE-0400 Inner/Outer Thigh

The FUSE-0400 Inner/Outer Thigh Machine is a space and cost-efficient addition to the FUSE-XL line, serving a dual function to exercise both adductor and abductor muscles

  • Pivoting contoured leg pads provide comfort and allow for easy transition between movements
  • QR code linked to online instructional video
  • Dual rubber covered foot posts provide support
  • Weight stack located in front of user for privacy, space efficiency, and ease of selection

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Physical Specifications
Footprint 67" L x 73" W x 57" H/170.18 cm x 185.42 cm x 144.78 cm
Machine Weight 546 lbs/248 kg, 626 lbs/284 kg (based on weight stack options)
Weight Stack Options 170 lbs/77 kg, 250 lbs/113 kg